Blue Rose

By: SreeLakshmy


I have a blue rose in my garden
Which blooms often,
I love the rose and watch it daily
Without absence,
I got it as a gift from my mother
Whom I love much,
The rose is magnificent & has smell
Which attracts all,
Everyone who visits my garden
Envy on my rose,
The little cute rose has calm look that
Bust my stress;
It often smiles at me and make me feel
Happier than ever;
When my rose withers away, my mind is
Affected with woes;
But when the rose blooms once again
I become delighted.

The rose seems to understand me and
Behaved like a friend
I am very happy to have a rose like that
Which is very special.
I became selfish with my rose and didn't
Allow one to see it
But, I was sincere with my relation with
My lovely rose.
Roses which often catch our mind should
Be little peculiar
A rose like blue is very interesting theme and
Owing it is a best thing.
Also, I think growing a blue rose in your garden
Is something necessary.

Even after long time there was my rose
Still in my garden,
I didn't forget to water or feed it because
I love my blue rose.
The rose has changed times which happened,
Throughout my life.
It has given many happy moments which,
I didn't expect.
I want my blue rose always to be in my garden
With no change.


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