"trail of Power"

By: Shawn Van Wyk

The power that surrounds me
Heals away the pain..
It makes all demons flee..
Helps me to be whole again.

The power i carry inside
Is so powerful and hard to describe..
It follows me around
Creating joy all over to be found..
It keeps me safe and sound.
All this power asks
Is for me to complete a few tasks..

To have His power follow you around -
Have both feet firmly on the ground.
Your highest aim must be
To your sacred duty be bound.
And to live truly free..

This glory illuminates darkness..
It flows forth to eliminate starkness.
To carry this power is to truly be free.
Like a new life coming over me..

The secret is to not let this power be forgotten
Unless you want to turn into someone rotten
To truly be reborn is to release all the pain.
And to let the hate be gone..
Only then has your life truly begun.

To follow His path
Brings great completion.
All you need is the clearest intention.
Do not build on broken pieces from the past.
When in disposition always be the least
Follow these guidelines
To reach your eternal prize fast.

All in all to avoid the fall
All you need is to heed your master's call.
When you have recieved what you need -
Always say thanks, never take with greed.
Heed these words
And you'll progress with Godspeed.

He will always be there for you
Whenever you are in need -
On the cross for us he did bleed
Lord i want to thank you.

Thankyou Jesus for stopping the dark one
From doing as he pleases
In Your name i can overcome
The worst kind of diseases.

I pray all my protection
To come from you my Jesus.
I place myself bare before you
To iron out my creases.


Copyright ? 2008 Shawn Van Wyk


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