Learn about the Starcraft 2 Units

By: Warren Wong

Each of the three races in Starcraft 11 has units that you use when playing. Some of these Starcraft 2 units are new and others have been retained from the original game and have been upgraded.


The Protoss units are:
- Probe: this tiny unit was developed to lay the foundation of the Protoss colonies in hostile world. They have the responsibility of harvesting the minerals and gas necessary for the Protoss industry. They also have the ability to produce and plant the warp beacons so that they can transport the buildings to distant planets.
- Zealots: these are warriors that have not achieved the designation of Templars. They have cybernetic implants and power in their suits and have extensive training in hand-to-hand combat. They are taught to hate their enemies intensely.
- Stalker: they have the power to instantly teleport from one location to the other. They are powerful and deadly.
- Immortals: these are fitted with twin phase disruptions and hardened energy shields that can repel enemy attacks.
- Nullifier. They have ground armour, weapons and plasma shields and have anti-gravity abilities.
- High Templars - they are powerless against enemy attacks, but sacrifice themselves to form mighty Archons
- Dark Templars; they have the ability to bend light around their bodies so that they can become invisible at will.
- Twilight Archon: they radiate massive amounts of power to release devastating storms.
- Observers: used for exploring deep space and are often deployed without defense systems.
- Phase prism: can be used as a substitute Pylon to create a psionic matrix
- Phoenix: a swift and deadly spacecraft that replaces older scouts and corsairs as Protoss fighters.
- Colossus: a massive robot that can cross all kinds of terrain, such as stepping off a cliff. It is heavily armored with two lances.
- Warp Ray: a ship built around the psionic core
- Carriers: they do not carry any weapons but can deploy intercepting flights.
- Mothership: has a khaydarin crystal infused with psionic energy so that it can warp or crack the fabric of space and time.


The Zerg units are:
- Larvae: they contain the genetic code of the Zerg race.
- Drone: worker unit, used to gather minerals and gas
- Overseer: the basic command and control center
- Overlord: airborne detection unit
- Zergling: the basic combat unit, which is fast moving and can be morphed into Banelings
- Banelings: living bombs
- Raoch: specialized ground unit that can quickly regenerate damage
- Infestors: they spread disease among the enemy and can move while burrowed so it can sneak under enemy defenses
- Hyrdalisk: can launch hundreds of spines to attack the enemy
- Lurkers: can devastate groups of infantry because they can attack while burrowed.
- Ultralisk: has scythe-like blades and can engage and attack multiple ground units
- Mutalisk: attacks the enemy from the ground or the air by emitting a glave wurm, which is a symbiote that strikes at the enemy as it disintegrates in an explosion.
- Swarm Guardian: this is the aerial sledge weapon
- Corruptor: the air-to-air fighting unit
- Nydus Worm: the transport unit capable of bypassing cliffs and other obstacles in the terrain
- Infested Terran: produced by a structure that has been infested
- Queen: a powerful fighting unit with several defense abilities
- Liar Watcher: can burrow into deep tunnels
- Hive Matriarch: Can burrow and has a toxic creep


The Terran units are:
- SCV: can perform many construction tasks within a limited space
- Marine: heavily armored defensive units
- Reapers: hardened criminals that attack the enemy with brutality
- Ghost: they can tear through walls, run at incredible speeds, and leap over tall obstacles. They also have a cloaking field and can deliver power strikes.
- Marauder: they have a stim pack ability
- Jackal: new unit
- Siege Tank: has upgraded armor allowing it to fend for itself on the battlefield
- Thor: has vehicle plating and uses vehicle weapons and can fire flak cannons
- Medivac Dropship: this has the ability to heal the injured
- Nomad: provides low level protection to outlying areas
- Banshee: has the ability to become invisible by using a cloaking field
- Viking: the pilot of a fighting machine
- Battlecruiser: massive, heavily armored ships

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