Egg Photo 360 Degree Lens

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If you have a digital camera then you must have … Technology gives you the power to create highly interactive virtual tour photography images in minutes. This lens is perfect for real estate, hotels, tourism and travel. It is totally different from Fisheye lens and Panoramic lens.
EGG Photo 360 degree lens allows you to create virtual tour in an easy way, without stitching! This lens is perfect for real estate, hotels, tourism, showcasing car and travel.
This Pack consists of durable lens, lightweight and user-friendly software, which allows viewers to transform digital images into life-like multimedia experiences. "Pan, tilt, links, and digital zoom" capabilities are built right into the software. provides the "EGG Photo360?" pack to the public, non-professional photographers, and all companies wishing to develop their virtual tours activities with new presentation applications.
degree virtual tours panoramic lens Pack enables you to create your own 360 degree virtual tours in no more than a single shot! No additional fees, no keys, no plug-in to install
You will really like the ease in which virtual tours can be taken. A lot of time is not wasted in taking multiple pictures and then stitching them together later. One click of the camera and you’re done. It is very easy to download the pictures to make an album to load on our web site too.
As Easy As 1-2-3! No Need for Third Party Help, No Stitching!
This “EGG Photo 360 degree lens” Compatible with numerous cameras from the most prestigious brands like Agfa, Canon, Casio, Epson, Fuji, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony and Toshiba.
Technology behind the EGG photo 360 Degree lens and 360 degree software.

This is the absolutely unique optical device was developed out of mastery of the catadioptric processes and opto-electronics. This is compatible with most still and video digital cameras. It can be used easily by directly mounting on camera lens. It is different from Fisheye lens and panoramic lens.
This technology is entirely different from Fisheye lens and panoramic lens, The fisheye lens is a wide-angle lens that takes in an extremely wide, hemispherical image and it is originally developed for use in meteorology and astronomy. On the other hand EGG Photo 360 Degree lens is specifically designed to take 360 degree virtual tours in just one shot.

Egg photo 360 degeree Technology:

The perfected a lens specific to 360? imaging virtual tour. This absolutely unique optical device was developed out of the mastery of the catadioptric processes (combining lens and reflectors) and opto-electronics (lens, reflectors, sensors and processors). The device is compatible with most still and video digital cameras on the market and can be mounted directly on the camera lens.

This optical innovation is combined with software developed by EGG Solution. The combination makes it possible to take photographs or to shoot a movie at 360? in one shot, without editing. An impressive result is obtained from an image in the form of a disk, which is processed by means of the virtual display software, which emerges in a form of a 360 panoramic image.

EGG Solution is developing in advanced .360? image capture technology as the demand for digital imaging and interactive imaging steadily increases. EGG Solution is focusing on a core group of key verticals that have demonstrated strong interest in utilizing 360 optical imaging tools to create compelling content for the Internet, CD-ROMs, and DVDs. EGG Solution company serves the Photography, Law Enforcement, Safety & Security industries with its EGG Video 360 Surveillance System; and the Photography, Real Estate, Travel, E-Commerce, Entertainment, Sports, and Broadcasting sectors

The EGG photo 360 Degree lens, its features and Benefits.

Egg solution offers the EGG photo 360 degree lens technology for real estate, tourism, photographers, car showcasing and others. With the use of the EGG photo 360 degree lens Images on your portal, you can start advertising your brand on the net and improve your business. The EGG photo 360 lens is totally different from fisheye lens and panoramic lens. It offers you convenience and ease of use when compared to the other type of lenses.
EGG Photo Lens:
• Optical 360 Attachment Lens
• Capture Virtual Tour during Your Listing Presentation in One Shot
• FREE Adaptor rings kit
• Lens is compatible with numerous digital cameras
• Instant Virtual Tour One shot Lens
• Control and Capture your Virtual Tour
EGG Photo360 degree Software:
• Download Your Virtual Tours from your digital Camera
• Create Your Virtual Tour Listings
• Burn Unlimited Virtual Tours on CD's and DVD's
• Email Custom Virtual Tours Listings to Prospects and Customers
• Save as a Multimedia Presentations without Plug in
• No Fees / No Keys
• No Plug in is required
• Unlimited Virtual Tours
• Auto spin Virtual Tour
• No Stitching
• Create a Virtual tour embedded in an executable file
Java Viewer:
• The Image Control Bar allows you extra control over each image in your tour
• Mac and PC Compatible
• you can zoom in or out of the picture
• Start and Stop Panning Scenes
• Easy to use
• Support many files format
• Instantly generates interactive 360 degree images that can be viewed in your internet browser
• Generate email able EGG tours
• Easy process to integrate your Virtual Tours into your website
• Image automatic calibration
• Burn your Tours on a CD or save them on your PC
• 360 panoramas as easy as standard photos!
• Take it everywhere
• Compatible with numerous digital cameras
• Ultra Light - Powerful
Package content:
Your Package contains all necessary tools to start and get your first Virtual Tour. Check below:
•EGG lens
•EGG Photo 360 degree Software V.2.0
•Multi-ring adapter kit
•Specially designed carrying case
•Microfiber lens cleaner
•User guide

Simple Introduction EGG solutions:
EGG Solution has efficiently established its corporate brand over the last ten years all over the world. EGG Solution name as well has the associated product and services families are now well established in many business areas such as Video surveillance, Real Estate Industry, Communication, Broadcast and streaming market. Check out the history of all those fascinating brands which have made EGG Solution's solid reputation over the world.
When you refer to 360 degree imaging tools, all experts immediately recognize EGG Solution's smart and power full technology: the ONLY technology that enable to generate 360 degree panoramasfrom a single shot!
EGG Photo 360 degree virtual tours panoramic lens presentation received accolades at the last National Realtors Association Conference & Exposition at Chicago in November 2001. Many visitors to our booth and potential customers, including realtors and web agencies, were delighted by solution, which also won the famous Clarity Award.


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