The Weight in Bible and Quran

By: Prof.dr. Ibrahim Khalil

As we knew, the Bible is more than 10 times the Quran word-wise. The Weight is mentioned 102 times in the Bible and 9 times in the Quran.

Hence, the opportunity of the Bible to talk about the Weight is more 10 times than that of the Quran both word wise and topic wise.

The Weight in the Bible:

1) The Bible gives the weight of many items:

2 Samuel 12:30

He took the crown from the head of their king -its weight was a talent of gold, and it was set with precious stones-and it was placed on David's head. He took a great quantity of plunder from the city

2 Samuel 14:26

Whenever he cut the hair of his head-he used to cut his hair from time to time when it became too heavy for him-he would weigh it, and its weight was two hundred shekels by the royal standard.

2 Samuel 21:16

And Ishbi-Benob, one of the descendants of Rapha, whose bronze spearhead weighed three hundred shekels and who was armed with a new sword , said he would kill David.

1 Kings 10:14

[ Solomon's Splendor ] The weight of the gold that Solomon received yearly was 666 talents,

2 Chronicles 3:9

The gold nails weighed fifty shekels. He also overlaid the upper parts with gold.

2 Chronicles 9:13

[ Solomon's Splendor ] The weight of the gold that Solomon received yearly was 666 talents,

Job 6:2

"If only my anguish could be weighed and all my misery be placed on the scales!

Proverbs 12:25

An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up.

Proverbs 15:28

The heart of the righteous weighs its answers, but the mouth of the wicked gushes evil.

Proverbs 21:2

All a man's ways seem right to him, but the LORD weighs the heart.

Luke 21:34

"Be careful, or your hearts will be weighed down with dissipation, drunkenness and the anxieties of life, and that day will close on you unexpectedly like a trap.

Proverbs 16:2

All a man's ways seem innocent to him, but motives are weighed by the LORD.

Isaiah 40:12

Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, or with the breadth of his hand marked off the heavens? Who has held the dust of the earth in a basket, or weighed the mountains on the scales and the hills in a balance?

Ezekiel 4:10

Weigh out twenty shekels of food to eat each day and eat it at set times. (The people will eat rationed food in anxiety and drink rationed water in despair)

2 Corinthians 10:10

For some say, "His letters are weighty and forceful, but in person he is unimpressive and his speaking amounts to nothing."

1 Samuel 2:3

"Do not keep talking so proudly or let your mouth speak such arrogance, for the LORD is a God who knows, and by him deeds are weighed.

Use accurate weight, God commands:

Leviticus 19:35

" 'Do not use dishonest standards when measuring length, weight or quantity.

Proverbs 11:1

The LORD abhors dishonest scales, but accurate weights are his delight.

Why we have to Use accurate weight?

"So that you may live long in the land."

Deuteronomy 25:15

You must have accurate and honest weights and measures, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.

It should be emphasized that there is no scientific relationship between using accurate weight and the long life.

The Weight in the Quran:

The weight in our life

Man is commanded to establish weight with justice

Surah 26:182

"And weigh with scales true and upright.

Surah 55:9

So establish weight with justice and fall not short in the balance.

Surah 17:35

Give full measure when ye measure, and weigh with a balance that is straight; that is the most fitting and the most advantageous in the final determination.

The feedback of corruption of measures and weights in our life:

Surah 83:1-6

[1] Woe to those that deal in fraud,"

[2] Those who, when they have to receive by measure, from men, exact full measure,"

[3] But when they have to give by measure or weight to men, give less than due."

[4] Do they not think that they will be called to account?"

[5] On a Mighty Day,"

[6] A Day when (all) mankind will stand before the Lord of the Worlds?"

The weight in the afterlife

The weight in the Day of Judgment

The justice and accurate weigh of our deeds:

Surah 7:8-9

[8]The weight that day will be true (to a nicety): those whose scale (of good) will be heavy, will prosper:"

[9] Those whose scale will be light, will find their souls in perdition, for that they wrongfully treated Our Signs."

Surah 21:47

"We shall set up scales of justice for the Day of Judgment, so that not a soul will be dealt with unjustly in the least. And if there be (no more than) the weight of a mustard seed, We will bring it (to account): and enough are We to take account."

The weight of the deeds of unbelievers is nothing:

Surah 18:105

"They are those who deny the Signs of their Lord and the fact of their having to meet Him (in the Hereafter): vain will be their works, nor shall We, on the Day of Judgment, give them any Weight."

From the scientific point of view, Allah says that at the Day of Judgment, "The weight that day will be true". This gives us a deep scientific meaning about the significance of the "True Weight".

It is known that the weight of anything depends on the Earth's gravity. A handful of a piece of iron may weigh one pound on earth, but it weighs many pounds in the interior of the earth and weighs nothing on the moon. Hence, even if we attempt to be very honest and use accurate measures and weight, however, the weight itself is not accurate 100%, it is something relative.

On the other hand, at the Day of Judgment, "The weight day will be true" and will not be subjected to any errors.

According to the weight of our deeds in the Day of Judgment, man is one of two:

Surah 23:102-103

[102] Then those whose balance (of good deeds) is heavy, they will attain salvation:"

[103] But those whose balance is light, will be those who have lost their souls; in Hell will they abide."

Surah 101:6-11

[6] Then, he whose balance (of good deeds) will be (found) heavy,"

[7] Will be in a Life of good pleasure and satisfaction"

[8] But he whose balance (of good deeds) will be (found) light,"

[9] Will have his home in a (bottomless) Pit."

[10] And what will explain to thee what this is?"

[11] (It is) a Fire blazing fiercely!"

Now, after you smart readers have read about the Weight in the Bible and the Quran, I will leave you to answer this dogmatic question:

"Is the Quran quoted from the Bible"?

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