Are We Alone in the Cosmos? in the Sacred Books

By: Prof.dr. Ibrahim Khalil

Are we alone in the cosmos?
Is someone out there?
Scientists are raising hopes that we may soon be able to get an answer to one of the oldest and most interesting questions asked
by humans.
In 1996, NASA scientists found evidence of a microscopic life form that may have existed on Mars more than three billion years ago. Moreover, numerous recent discoveries suggested a possible red-colored sea under the ice crust of Jupiter's moon.
However, it may be that none of us may live to see the day when scientists will provide us an ultimate answer to this question.

Interestingly, the Quran clearly mentions the existence of extraterrestrial life.

The existence of creatures of a spiritual nature, such as Angels and Jinn in the universe, is accepted as a fact by all Muslims, as well as people of other religions, such as Jews and Christians.

The point that makes excitement among the community and scientists is the question of whether material life forms like us
Or like any other forms of life do actually exist outside the earth.
When seriously we are asking this question to Biologists, their answer will be: Probably yes there are material life forms somewhere in Space but how, when and where? We are not sure.

The Bible says nothing about the presence of extraterrestrial life.

However, If we go back for more than 1400 years ago and seek the Quran to answer the same question, the Quran says without any hesitation: Yes, there are material life forms in Space.
The Quran gives a general answer that our knowledge is limited and Allah Creates what we do not know and what we have no idea about, then the Quran give a clear cut answer that there are many material forms of life in the cosmos.

Allah Creates what we do not know

Surah 16:8
SHAKIR: and (he made) horses and mules and asses that you might ride upon them and as an ornament; and he creates what you do not know
PICKTHAL: and horses and mules and asses (hath he created) that ye may ride them, and for ornament. and he createth that which ye know not.
YUSUFALI: and (he has created) horses, mules, and donkeys, for you to ride and use for show; and he has created (other) things of which ye have no knowledge.

There are many material forms of life in the cosmos.

Surah 42:29
SHAKIR: and one of his signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and what he has spread forth in both of them of living beings; and when he pleases he is all-powerful to gather them together
PICKTHAL: and of his portents is the creation of the heaven and the earth, and of whatever beasts he hath dispersed therein. and he is able to gather them when he will.
YUSUFALI: and among his signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the living creatures that he has scattered through them: and he has power to gather them together when he wills.

In the three famous translations of the Quran (verse 42:29) we find: living beings, beasts and living creatures.
The original Arabic word that has been translated to living beings, beasts and living creatures is "Dab-bah ".

To understand and appreciate the scientific and significant value of the descriptive name " Dab-bah " it seems mandatory to know how the Arab used to used this word " Dab-bah " simply because the key to understand any book is to know exactly and precisely the meaning of any word mentioned in it.
The most comprehensive Arabic dictionary is called "Lee-san el- Arab "
Lee-san = tongue
El = the
Arab = the plural form of Arabic. We say: I am Arabic and we are Arab.
" Lee-san el- Arab " is a very big dictionary; it is composed of 25 volumes.
Here you are the different meanings of the word "Dab-bah "as found in "Lee-san el- Arab "

The different meanings of "Dab-bah" and how did the Arabs use this word.
1) Living being
Dab-bah is a living being
Dab-bah = Being, Bering existing, existent, situated, located, being entity, living being, creature
Dab-bah = soul spirit psyche or self-person being essence nature.
2) Sex
Sex of Dab-bah
A Dayboub man means:
To gather between men and women
To collect between men and women
To combine between men and women
To join between men and women
To unite between men and women
To add between men and women
To assemble between men and women
To compose between men and women.
Dab-bah = Walking, movement, motility
Dab-ba = walks
Dab-b = walker = pedestrian
Dab-ba on earth = going on foot
Dab-ba on earth = walking on earth
Dab-ba the soldiers towards their enemies = walking
In addition, when talking about the rapidity, speed, velocity or fastness the verb Dab-ba gives three different meanings i.e. 1) walking but not fast and this is the most common use of it ; 2) walking very slowly that seems not moving and also 3) walking somewhat fast.
However, Arabs rarely use the last two meanings of speed
4) Ride
Dab-bah is something to ride
Addab-bah = the animal which we ride like the horse, donkey, mule etc. and this is the most common use of the word Addab-bah
5) Plenty
Dab-bah is very numerous, plenty
Addab-bah = the place contains plenty of sands i.e. it gives the meaning of the plenty of numerous thing.
Addab-bah = dune, sandhill containing plenty of sands i.e. numerous thing.
6) Specific method
Dab-bah has a way, method or technique
Dabbat of man = the way, path, track that the man follows
Dabbat = state, situation, status, case
In Arabic if you say I ride his Dabbat = I keep on, I adhere to, I stick to, I follow his method, his way, his track and also I do what he is doing.
Dabbat of man = his way or method that may be good or bad
Dabbat = way, method, procedure, technique, process, manner, mode, order, means, fashion
Dabbat = faith, belief, creed, doctrine, ideology.
Arabs say leave me with my Dabbat = leave me with my nature, with my way or method.
7) May change its Method
Dab-bah may change its way, method or technique
However, Dabbat may give the meaning of changing the way or method
In poem it is said that " X and Z rode the Dabbat of M " where M, X and Z are names of men
This means that X and Z changed their way and method and followed up the way and method of M.
This poem was funny because M was a nosy man which used to invite himself for any wedding just to eat without any formal invitation from both parties of the wedding!
8) Can be traced
The course of running of Dab-bah could be traced
Madab of the stream or flood = the location, site, position or spot that indicates its running i.e. something that we could trace.
Dab-bah has hair, fluff and fuzz
Dabab= the hair on the face of woman
Dabab= fluff, fuzz on the face
Dabab of the face = the fluff, fuzz on the face
Dabab= the fluff or the fuzz
A woman Doba-a = a woman Daba-bah = has plenty of hair on her body
A man Adabb = has plenty of hair
9) Related to Soil
Dab-bah is related to the earth and soil
Dabab = earth, land or soil
10) Lipids
Dab-bah = something in it we put oil , lipids and/or fat
Daboub = fat, obese or overweight.
11) Strong
Dab-bah may be strong and wild
Dobb = beast of prey = predatory animal = a strong animal like bear
12) Effects
Role and effects of Dab-bah in life
Dabbat of man = his way, method, technique and or manner that is either good or bad. It follows that we have good Dab-bah and bad Dab-bah
13) Good; The good Dab-bah
Some of the meanings of Dab-bah are:
to be safe, to be secure
to be just, to be fair, to establish justice
blessing, prosperity, good
There is Arabic poem describing a good king saying:
Adab-bah the countries; this means made the countries full of security, justice and blessings.
14) Bad; The bad Dab-bah
If we say Dab-ba the drink in the body = flow, run, circulate, go around or spread
If we say Dab-ba the damage in the body = spread
If we say Dab-ba the decay or rot in clothes = spread or run
A Daboub man = A man who is harmful to the others
In Arabs saying: Dab-ba (spread) the harm to people
In Arabs saying: ya-Dobbo from ticks = the thief, robber or burglar which steals and rips-off
15) Stronghold
Dab-bah may fortify and has stronghold
The Dabbab-ah = instrument or tool made of leather and wood into it men could enter inside it and come near or close to a siege stronghold to attack it, and it made the men inside it safe and away from being attacked.
16) Sound
Dab-bah has a sound
Dab-dab-ah = every sound that is similar to the sound elicited by horses' feet on a solid ground
Dab-dabah = a type of sound
Deb-dab a sound that is similar to dab-dab.

It follows that there are many creatures in the space which Allah Creates. These Creatures have sex, stronghold, sounds and role that may be good or bad. And, they are motile and plenty.
Moreover, the Quran states that any "Dab-bah "is created from water, has different ways to walk and has different colors; and this is another issue that needs another article.

Where are these "Dab-bah "found in Space?
Are these "Dab-bah" intelligent?
Will we see and meet them?
The answers for these questions are found in the Quran.

Back to the main topic of my series of articles (1- 50); this is my question to you smart readers: "Is the Quran quoted from the Bible "? And which book preceded the modern Sciences?

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