What Is Your Motivation To Be Successful?

By: Gordon Bellows

Although this article was originally intended for people who want
to be successful in a home-based business, the main concept can
be applied to all areas of our lives. In order to be successful,
there should be some sort of motivation that is a driving force
in helping you to reach your goal.

Let's start by looking at what motivation means. We separate the
word motivation into two parts; m-o-t-i-v and a-t-i-o-n. When we
add the letter e to the end of the first part and the letter c to
the second space of the second part, we get motive and action.
Motivation simply means a motive to take action.

You might want to make more money, improve your lifestyle, or do
any number of things that your daydreams are filled with. By
looking closely at what you want, you begin to understand the
real reason you want it. That becomes your motive, which helps
you to be more prepared to take action.

It is better to be motivated by positive emotions rather than
negative emotions. If you want to quit your job because you don't
like the boss and you hate the long commute, those are negative

However, if you want to quit your job so you can be
self-employed and to spend more time at home with your children,
those are positive emotions.

Doing something for reasons that have positive emotions is more
conducive to your success than doing it for reasons that have
negative emotions.

If you want to make more money (and who doesn't?) what is your
reason for wanting more money? Do you want it so you can show off
with fancy clothes and a new car? Or, do you want it so you can
afford those nice things, because you worked hard to achieve your
success, and you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor? I hope
you see that the first reason is full of greed and an attitude of
being better than others, which are the wrong kinds of emotions.
On the other hand, the second reason is better, but it should
only be part of the reason for wanting to make more money.

When you have a purpose besides attaining material things as a
motive for wanting to make more money, you are getting on the
right track. Other motives could include providing a better
education for your children, taking care of your aging parents,
establishing a scholarship fund in the name of a loved one,
sponsoring underprivileged children at a summer camp, and
donating to various charities. These motives have a higher
purpose; they go beyond our own selfishness.

By helping others, we get more than we give. It leads us to a
higher level of personal fulfillment. It also seems to open up
paths to greater success. It is hard to explain, but the idea
that a person who helps others will be richly rewarded is
something that really happens.

A good home-based business might be the best chance for the
average person to become wealthy. However, many people give up
too early and never realize the success they had dreamed of.
Sometimes, not reaching a goal is just a lack of solid motives.
Along with believing in yourself and what you are doingFree Articles, the
right motivation is a powerful driving force that can help you to
hang in there and keep you moving toward your goal.

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