The Overlooked Tip To Success

By: Donald Schnell

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The Overlooked Tip To Success

By Donald Schnell

? September 21, 2002

I wouldn't tell just anybody the following tip. They
might think it too 'out there' or too woo-woo. But I
trust that you have an open mind. You are studying the
principles that lead to having more peace, happiness, and
health in your life-enlightenment. And I'm trusting you
are ready for more success in the easiest possible way.
I've discovered that really living life and choosing
happiness is not a destination to reach, but a journey to
be relished.

The journey certainly includes the achievement of your
goals. For me, the first step in achieving any goal is to
visualize and feel the goal already accomplished.

I'll say that again.

The first step in achieving any goal is to visualize and
feel the goal is already accomplished.

You know about visualization. You might even practice it
or try it from time to time. But I find that merely
visualizing your goals being accomplished is not enough.

Let me explain.

I took 4 years of post doctoral work in medical hypnosis.
I read countless study after study of how the mere addition
of just one concept to visualization made success more
likely to manifest.

In the 1920's the University of Chicago performed an
experiment with three groups. The first group had to show
up for an hour every day and practice making baskets with
the basketball. Each group was measured for their skill
level at the beginning of the study and at the end of 30
days. The second group was told to show up at the
laboratory and to sit down for an hour and continuously
rehearse making baskets in their mind. The third group
was told not to practice, but to show up in 30 days.

Predictably the group that actually practiced each day did
much better. However, what astonished the researchers was
the fact that the second group, those who practiced seeing
it and feeling it in their minds were not far behind the
first group. Both groups improved.

And in the field of hypnosis therapy, very little hypnosis
can happen unless your client is feeling the effects of
each suggestion.

Some of the early writers within the science and art of
creating your own reality have shared that it is important
to FEEL the thing you want to manifest as if you ALREADY
had it.

That is the secret. This is what I'd like you to add to
your practice of visualization.


Begin right now by answering the question, “What do I want
to have, or be or do that will enrich my life experience?"

Now cultivate the feeling of having already accomplished
your desire.

In other words, if you desire a pay raise, what does that
feel like when you imagine that you have already achieved

I believe all success begins within you-within your mind.
When you begin to create in your mind what you want and
feel it, then you begin to mobilize inner and outer forces
to come to your assistance. I believe that the magic of
visualization is one of the oldest secrets to successful
creation on our planet.

Want to make your success even more certain? Write your
goal down. Brian Tracy a peak performance expert says that
80% of your goals will manifest on their own just by your
writing the goal down.

So, capture your goal on paper. Writing it down helps you
to focus. Focusing makes your success more certain. Then
give your visualization fuel by feeding it with feeling.
Once againBusiness Management Articles, feel as if you have already attained your goal.

You don't have to weaken the feeling or the focus by
telling anyone. Just celebrate your success within.
Celebrate and dance to the music of your success. Feel it
and watch what happens as you watch your outer success

Donald Schnell is the author of The Initiation. As
America's Enlightenment Coach he has assisted thousands of
individuals to awaken to their inner power. Free:
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