4 Magic Words To Achieve Success

By: Gordon Bryan

It doesn’t matter what area you are in, it doesn’t matter what
your intentions are, you need these 4 magic words.

Whether you realise it or not, you use these to achieve
anything and everything, and any lack of success can be
traced to a lack of one or more of them.

They all begin with the letter ‘A’, blimey, just imagine if I
went through the whole alphabet!


This includes taking responsibility for your life, for your
actions and the consequences.
It includes having the faith to push yourself beyond your
comfort zone time and time again.

You need to have the belief that you *expect* to succeed,
and the belief that you are fully worthy of getting anything
you want.

If your attitude is correct, then you will have no trouble with
the second magic word:


Without action, all the dreams in your head, all your ambitions,
will stay exactly where they are, in your head.

Without action, you will forever be saying ‘one day’, and
‘when the time is right’.
Take the first step, whatever it may be, take it.

You will either find that it *was* the right step, in which case
you will realise that your goal is that bit closer, or you will
find that you have taken a wrong step, and hey, guess what?

This *also* makes your dream closer!
It’s a win-win situation.

When you take action, you will be truly astounded by the
opportunities that present themselves to you, which you never
would have thought of before hand.

This shows that although making plans is essential, taking
action is even more essential, because you open yourself
up to all the help that unexpectedly comes your way.

A great example of taking action is the third magic word:


Just ask!
Do not think that the world knows what you want without you
asking, and do not prejudge, do not decide what the world’s
answer will be.

Many people have a real problem with asking for things, it’s
a failing in our education if you ask me, but it is stunning how
often the answer is a simple ‘yes’, if you just have the courage
to ask.

And the fourth magic word beginning with the letter ‘A’?


Not a very good joke I agree, but it makes me laugh.
Abracadabra, magic word…

So there we are, get your ATTITUDE right, which will enable
you to take ACTION, and often the simplest action you can
take is just to ASK.

The path will just unfold before you, take it from me.

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