A One Word Tonic for Creating a Positive Change in Your Life

By: Doug C. Grant

Article Title: A One Word Tonic for Creating
a Positive Change in Your Life
Author Name: Doug C. Grant
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by Doug C. Grant

"How's it going?"

That's a simple greeting. Except it seems as though after
climbing the 50-year f ence we tend to get a little less
enthusiastic about our response.

A typical answer is often, "Oh puttin' up with the usual
aches and pains. But at my age you can't expect anything

Bad answer...bad thinking...bad consequences!

Here's the right answer to 'How's it going?'


Okay, so maybe you aren't feeling so great. Doesn't matter.

Or maybe you think a 'woe-is-me' routine will earn you a
sympathetic response. Not likely. People are not routinely
devoted to feeling sorry for other people's problems. Sorry
about that. But it happens to be true.

So what's so great about the word 'GREAT'?

It can do more for you than a pill or a potion. Here's why.

You have inside your head two minds...one conscious the
other subconscious.

The subconscious controls about 90% of
your mental activity, which also happens to include your
state of health.

For example, consider the sugar pill. It has absolutely no
formulated ability to heal. Yet when someone is given a
sugar pill and told it's a new wonder drug that will cure
their 'whatever'...guess what? Often their 'whatever'
symptoms disappear. They feel great. Life is wonderful

Then they receive the truth. The pill is nothing but
sugar. Within hours the 'whatever' symptoms come screaming
back. This happens so frequently it has even been given a
name. It's called 'The Placebo Effect'. And that's your
subconscious at work.

The word 'GREAT' also works on your subconscious.

When someone asks how you feel and you respond, 'Great!',
you are actually talking to your subconscious. It listens.
It believes.

Tell it enough times that you feel 'Great!' and it will do
everything in it's considerable power to bring that feeling
into reality. Of course if you go away mumbling to yourself
that actually you feel pretty lousy, your subconscious will
also listen to that and cancel any 'Great!' feelings it
might have been working on.

True story. Some good old boys decided to play a joke on
one of their number. They stationed themselves at various
places along the accustomed morning route of their victim
and individually greeted him with something like, "Hey Ted,
you look terrible. You should be home in bed."

Ted laughed off the first two encounters. But after the
fifth greeting, he headed home. He spent the next week
between the sheets being terribly, ridiculously but very
physically ill.

It comes down to this. If the mind can make you sick it
can also make you well.

Don't take my word for it...try it.

Start out the day determined to respond to every "How ya
doin'?" greeting with the tonic word, 'Great!' Refuse to
get dragged into any recital of aches and
pains...particularly yours.

Stiffen your back, keep your chin up and float the word
'Great!' on the tip of your tongue. Even if you start the
day feeling lousy, chances are you'll end the day feeling a
whole lot better. Keep it up and that 'Great!' feeling will
become a way of life for you. Not bad for one little word.

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