4 Super Reasons You Will Love "Easifying" Your Life

By: Kathy Gates

Are you someone who wants a simpler life, but who
associates simplifying with giving away everything
you own, and going back to baking your own bread?
Unfortunately, that attitude can scare you away from
making the simple (pardon the pun) kind of changes
that can make your life so much easier, better, and

Instead, let's agree that simplifying means whatever
you want it to mean in your own particular life. For
me, it means eliminating the stuff around me that I
find neither useful nor beautiful, and trust me, other
people would not always agree with my definition of
useful or beautiful. However, it also means setting up
systems to make sure that I have easier ways to
handle some age-old problems in the future.

To me, simplifying means "ease-i-fying" (ok, so
there's no such word, but maybe there should be!).
Easifying defined would be, "minimum effort for
maximum pleasure:" Easifying simply looks at the
problems of everyday life, then poses creative -
easifying - solutions.

Here are 4 super reasons that you will love easifying
your life.

1. Less Stuff, Fewer Problems: With less stuff
cluttering up your life the benefits are easy to see.
You'll have less stuff to clean, (yippee!), less stuff to
have repaired (more cash flow!), less stuff to dispose
of (environmentally good!), and less stuff to find
(halleluiah!) Just pick one room in your house and
look around it.

How much of that stuff are you really
enjoying and getting use from? How much of it is an
aggravation for cleaning, repairing, losing, fixing,
disposing of, etc.? I'll bet you a paycheck (not
really!) that it's at least 75/25.

2. Less Effort, More Energy You'll have less fear
and worry associated with carrying around a lot of
stuff. It will simply require less effort. By simply
combining things into one (aerobics and weightlifting
at the same time), by setting up a system to do the
work for you (a bill paying system), by eliminating a
task altogether (delegate it to someone else), you'll be
calmer, not stressed with the day to day logistics of
stuff. An example I love to use is the freedom that
comes from not smoking. It's not the freedom from
the habit that most people notice first. It's the no
more worrying about having enough cigarettes, no
more fears of not being able to find a lighter. You'll
feel more in control of your time, your space, your

3. Less Baggage, Better Relationships: "Stuff" refers
to not only material things, but mental and emotional
clutter as well. By cleaning out the needto, haveto,
and oughtos, of your own life, you'll have better
relationships because there's not as much "stuff" in
your life to fight about. Put the past in the past by
returning anything you borrowed, by apologizing to
whoever you need to, by getting your bills up to date,
by sending the card or gift you forgot to send, by
making the phone call you need to make. You get the
idea. Anything that you "should" have done, but
neglected to, has you Tied To The Past.

4. More FUN! Having an easified/simplified life
means having more time for the things you dream of
like reading, or traveling, or entertaining, or
exercising, or playing with the kids, or visiting with
friends. You'll feel more in control because the
clutter -- physical, emotional, and mental -- will no
longer dictate how your space is arranged, or how
your time is spent (looking for things), or how your
energy is used (frustrationFree Reprint Articles, aggravation). Need I say

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