Creating The Life You Want

By: Judi Singleton

Creating What You Want Out Of Life
The first step in creating what you want in life is to look truthfully

at where you are now and how you got there. This is not done so you can

experience blame or pain but to evaluate where you are and where you

want to go.

If you start to blame yourself or get into self pity or I should have's

this experience is not valuable. However, since you were doing what you

knew to do at that time blame becomes meaningless. So take your Higher

Power along on this journey and just sit back and view it like you were

viewing a movie or someone elses life. How would you critique the

players in this movie? If they were a friend of yours what advise would

you give them? Take a good look and know that what you find is just a

lesson or if you prefer a challenge to do better next time since now

you have more information to make a better decision.

Taking responsiblity for where you are now lays no blame it simply
gives you information to make future decisions that will create the

life you want to create in the future.

Many people are drifters in life. They just live day to day and don't

think about the future. So if you want different results you must

decide what you want and act differently.

What we dwell on grows so if we are just sitting around with a bunch of

regrets and troubles and all we do is think about them they grow. But

so do thoughts of creating something new. Our unconscious mind creates

the thing we have meditiated on. If we are full of fear we will draw

the thing we fear to us. So decide where you want to go and start

toward that goal and it will happen for you.

It is important to look into your heart and ask yourself is this

something I really want or am I just trying to please someone else. If

it is not something you really want to do then the subconscious will

help you by supplying missed opportunities, you will oversleep, miss a

plane, insult a contact. So look into your heart and ask yourself is

this really my goal or someone elses goal for me. Why do I want this to

happen? Example I want a million dollars is your goal. Ask yourself

what this million dollars represents to you. A bigger house, a fancier

car, more time at home, vacations. So maybe it is not a million dollars

you want maybe it is a new home. Instead of setting a money goal set a

goal for what that money represents to you.

Do you get excited when you think about your goal. Can you see yourself

doing the goal? Does energy just follow in the form of thoughts when

you think about this goal?

Your goal must be specific. I remember once I wanted an old fashioned

house like the one I grew up in. I found that house in less than thirty

days but it was on a busy street so busy I couldn't get out of the

driveway to go to work in the morning, my animals weren't safe or my

kids, it was noisey. I was not specific enough. I will just take the

information that I must be really specific and include all I will have

when I have obtained this goal. I will ask myself how will I know when

the goal is complete? What will I feel like?

The more clearly you can imagine your goal complete the quicker you

will get there. The unconscious is very literal. So involve all your

senses. See colors, smells, what will you hear, what will you feel?
The more realistic you can make this goal the more you will want it.

Set a date to complete the goal. Your unconscious mind works in

infinity so set a date to complete your goal as you might not want to

wait until after you died for the goal to complete. You have to be

really specific actually set a date in the future like by August

10,2004, I will be in my new house.

Now take that specific goal you set say a new home. You know just how

it looks, smells, feels. You know how large it is say three bedrooms

and two baths. You know what the rooms look like how many square feet

you want for each room. You see the colors of the rooms, the windows,

doors, floors. You see hardwood floors or a certain color of carpet.

You see the setting the home is situated in. You see the yard, the

parking, the storageArticle Submission, the garage. You see the landscaping. Does your

new home have a lot of parking? Is it on a quiet street. Imagine it

specifically as you would have it and then take it along the road to

the date you have set and manifest it.

Now that you have moved your goal forward to the place where it is

manifested look back at what steps you had to take to manifest the

goal. What was the first step? What did you have to learn to get to

this place where your goal manifested. Start now by taking the first

step. "Every Journey begins with the first step."

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