First Impressionsturn fear into courage

By: Peter Murphy

The top business people all say the same thing – first impressions
count. Sounds easy, and it is easy for those few who can start a
conversation with just about anyone but how many people do you know
who are like that?

On the other hand when you’re shy it’s easy to avoid other people, shyness
automatically comes with a PhD in how to creatively avoid
people, especially strangers! However this tendency can prove
detrimental to your business especially when you consider that your ultimate
success can depend on approaching people and making a great
first impression.

There is a better way; it is possible to use your mind in a simple
yet powerful way that will make it easy for you to make a fantastic
first impression. It involves applying peak performance principles
in a special way.

Here’s what I do when I?m at a conference and I spot someone I
know that I ought to say Hello to although my initial tendency is
to just avoid them and hope that they don’t see me.

First of all, feel yourself standing tall, just pretend that you
feel dynamic, powerful and enthusiastic and take on that posture.
Breathe deeply, chest out, and smile so wide that you can feel
the stretch in your cheeks.

Even if you make believe you will still
tend to come across far better with whoever you approach.

Then, as you approach him or her, hear yourself saying HI or HELLO
inside your head. The key is to make the sound very, very loud
inside your head, really exaggerate it to impress your mind with
your intention.

Finally, visualize that person smiling as they recognize you and
make sure to go overboard with the imagined picture in your mind
as well. Make the picture twice as big as life size, make it 3D,
in rich color and very bright and up close in your mind’s eye.

All this takes just a few seconds when you get good at it, at
first you may find it tricky, practice it with people you see about
town and you’ll soon find yourself greeting more people.

I also use this technique when I’m waiting in line at the bank, in
a store etc. That way you get an opportunity to be friendlier with
whoever is serving you and with the other people waiting in line.

In a short time you will find it easier and easier to start
conversations with people you would not have dared to approach in
the past. Do this day after day and the cumulative effect on your business
will be staggering.

Keys to success:

1 Practice this skill daily until it becomes second nature to you.

2 Teach your staff how to approach people as wellBusiness Management Articles, by teaching
this skill you will become even better yourself.

3 Remind yourself of the negative implications of not making a great first
impression and the long-term effect on your business.

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