By: Gerri D Smith

"The mind is everything; what you think you become."
- Guatama Buddha

Do You Have What It Takes to Take It?

Without the strength to deal with the stresses in life: pain,
sickness, disappointment, missed opportunities, bad business
decisions, and more, you can easily be discouraged.

Whenever something hits you and you don't have what it takes to
overcome it, your means of coping will be undermined.

To overcome minor or major setbacks, recharge yourself spiritually.
Give yourself a God-like power to react and reverse any mental
picture you may be holding of weakness. With God's help you know
you can take anything that comes your way.

Are you a Positive Person?

Always in life there are times when the going is rough, tough,
and downright too much.

Coming out of it on top takes a
positive attitude.

To maintain a positive attitude when everything around you is
crumbling takes an inner power beyond anything you can imagine.
To do so depends on how and what you are thinking at the time
it is happening to you.

If you can smile when you'd rather complain, you will find
strength in your weakness. And if you can endure and overcome
your fear, you make way for the best possible outcome to any
trying situation.

Are You Strong Enough to Face Your Problems?

Some sources of strength to develop and keep are:

To maintain positive thoughts at all times.
Practice seeing yourself as strong and you will be strong.
Seek God's guidance and be ready to accept the experiences,
ideas, and directions when they come to you.

If your life is extra hard for you, be honest with yourself
and find out where the trouble is.Are you making your life
hard? There is always a reason when something in your life
does or does not go well. This can be traced to what you've
already created in your mind prior to when the situation

When faced with a troubling situation, take control of your
thoughts--this influences your attitude. Don't ever let your
mind control you. Choose healthy, spiritualFree Articles, and positive
thought patterns that will supply you with unshakable

So create happy thoughts and your problems will be tiny ones.

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