Creating A Vision That Is Uniquely You

By: Maria Marsala

What do you see yourself doing a year from now? 3 years? 5 years?
When you die, what would you like people to say about you? The
answers to those questions, and a few more, can assist you as you
prepare the "first edition", of your vision. Why the first edition
you say? Well, if you are an evolving human being, your vision is apt
to change as you do.

A vision helps to pull you forward - towards "something you've deemed
is special". Without a clear vision, you may find yourself confused,
stuck, stressed, overwhelmed, and drained. How can you get back
on "your" track? The answers are as individual as you are. Use some
of the ideas below as starting points.

Take a look at where your vision is on your priority list. If it
isn't high enough on your list...
~~ask yourself why
~~do something about it
~~let it go

Write down every reason (excuse) for why you don't have a personal or
professional vision. Don't stop till you have run out of reasons.
Then follow the suggestion that fits you best
~~Celebrate by burning what you've written! Isn't it time to let the
excuses go?
~~Celebrate by creating at least five solutions to each of your
excuses. If you can't come up with five, ask your coach for
assistance. Then get going.

Some people can create a plan and that plan never changes. They go
for something and don't stop till they get there. Others change their
plan often. Still others use both styles. Remember what your style is
and do your best. Don't worry about everything being "someone else's
idea" of perfect. Throw "doing it perfectly" out the window! Whatever
way YOU do it WILL be ideal for where you are now. That includes
waiting till the time is right for you or not doing it at all!

Ask your friends and clients what they think your personal or
professional vision is about, what your strengths are etc.

You may be
surprised at what you learn!

Find a group to work with. Many coaches and consultants offer
personal foundation groups, business start-up groups, find your ideal
career groups, career support groups, or marketing groups. Often,
you'll work with the group and a buddy towards your ideal plan,
vision etc. If you want it badly enough, there is a group, via phone
or in person, out there to assist you. To find groups:
~~Check the business section of your local newspaper or your local
business journal for groups.
~~Join a telephone group, such as the ones Maria's Place offers, that
are listed at
~~Locate a coach, by using the resources found at to find unadvertised in-person
groups in your area.
~~Offer to host a group. Here you'd receive the program for free by
hosting the group at your home and helping with the marketing and
securing up to 7 other individuals. Maria's Place offers this option
to residents of Kitsap, Jefferson, Mason and King counties Many other coaches and consultants
will do this too, so check around your area.

Make it an adventure and do it! If one of my clients is having a
difficult time getting started on their plan, I ask what they've done
that hasn't worked and then we discuss other options. Try these
options for ideas:
~~Be creative and have fun. Design the most creative vision you've
ever dreamed about! Design your first dreamboard.
~~Start a planning box. For "x" months, everytime you get an idea of
what might be in your plan, put the thought on a piece of paper and
put it in your box. Pick a date you'll put your ideas into a plan.

Take a good look at your current beliefs about the life you're
creating. Pick up a copy of the Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to
Personal Freedom. It's a small book jam-packed with wonderful
information on beliefs. Make sure what you believe is really "you".
Don't get stuck in someone else's vision.

Purchase the book I use with my business clients The One Page
Business Plan. It's a fun, tips-full, fill in the blanks, clouds,
answer-the-questions type workbook. Use it to create your business or
personal plan. Go somewher serene for a weekend and complete the 5
parts of your plan. Or you can close your house for a day by quieting
the phone, using pre-made or order out meals, etc.). Spend a self-
caring time creating your plan. Take a look what Jim Horan, the
author, writes about business plans. "Writing allows others to
participate in your dreams and give you feedback" Writing is a tool
to help you ...
~~see what you're thinking
~~turn your dreams into something "real"
~~go for the clarity you desire
~~stay focused
~~get prioritized
~~take immediate action
~~help you remember what it is you wanted to do

Once you write your vision, try it on for size. Learn to
stretch, "act as if", make small changes, or make some big changes to
your vision. If it feels good, keep it. If it doesn't adjust it
further. Main thing is to be comfortable with it. Remember the quote
about insanity that goes like this "insanity is doing the same things
over and over again expecting different results". "Try on" new
concepts, new ways of doing things, and recommendations from others.
Coaches are especially good at assisting you as you s t r e c h,
s t r e c h, and then s t r e c h some more! So stretch right into your

I bet that once your vision has been formalizedBusiness Management Articles, you'll wonder why
you didn't do it sooner! And you'll be amazed at the time it takes to
do vs. the time (and energy) you've invested just thinking about
doing it!


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