Taking the Bull by the Horns

By: Lisa Van Den Berg

How successful people beat fear.

The first thing to realize is that Fear is all in the mind.
We are a product of our perception of reality. Why is it
that some people faint at the sight of a cockroach and
others consider it a delicacy and eat it?

How is it that we see people being cured of their phobias
in a matter of hours? I mean it took an entire lifetime to
build that fear and people can be rid of it in an hour or

Consider the circumstances of fear. Why is it that a
person will do something, in a moment of instinctively
protecting a loved one that they would never even
contemplate in the cold light of day?

The reason for all of these 'miracles' is that the
automatic pattern of our fear is overridden either
by a stronger instinct or by conscious reasoning.
Therefore we see that we CAN overcome our fears!

It is a matter of breaking down the different components
of your fear, into bite size chunks (excuse the pun).

-Feel the emotional response to your fear.

In other
words, feel your heart pounding, your stomach churning,
your hair standing on end and concentrate on the physical
feeling. It is said that the body cannot experience the
emotional feelings of fear while concentrating on the
physical effects.

-Concentrate on reversing the physical events.
Calm your heartbeat, watch your hairs lie back down and
relax your screwed up stomach.

-Imagine how the being that is instilling the
fright, is feeling (if applicable) and why they are
reacting this way. The youth may be starving and just
want something to eat; the snake may be completely out
of its environment and lost and scared; the cat may be
protecting its young.

-Sometimes realizing the lack of emotion also
helps. The audience have no opinion of you, but are
looking forward to hearing what you have to say; whether
you come out of your house or not, will not affect the
passers-by in the least; fulfilling your career goals
will affect only your self-esteem.

-Your emotional involvement and the reasons
behind it. Was failure not tolerated in your household,
growing up; were you caught in a swarm of bees one day?

-Visualize the result you want to have. Imagine
stroking the loving dog; having a smooth, uneventful,
turbulence free flight; getting the raise you deserve.

-Think of the tremendous feeling of personal
power you will have, when you stop allowing this
'phantom' to rule a part of your life. When you can
stand up and shout, ' I beat it and it will never
exert an influence over me, ever again!' WOWArticle Submission, what a
wonderful feeling.

Using these steps to help you in any fearful or
stressful situation will assist you in beginning to
gain control over your fears.

Two fabulous goals to strive toward are
-The feeling of accomplishment and pride in your own
ability and
-the connection with your inner self. Your body and
mind produce fear reactions in order to let you know
that there is something wrong and it needs to be fixed.

Set about 'fixing' your Life today.

Cheers To a Life where Fear is a Motivator as opposed
to a Barrier


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