A Timeless, Tried and True Formula for Achieving Big Results

By: Gabriel Nijmeh

A Timeless, Tried and True Formula for Achieving Big Results
by Gabriel Nijmeh

Reflect back on some of your greatest success and achievements.
How did you think? Act? How did you get there?

You started off with a dream or a vision that caused you a
burning desire. You know it, feel it- that gut feeling is telling
you to do it, jump into action. Like a tiger eyeing its prey with
pinpoint focus. I bet you have felt this way before.

Do you recognize these three personal drivers: Thought, Desire,
Action. These drivers are within you, ready to be explored and
developed. All three attributes go hand in hand in achieving the
goals you set for yourself. Achieving the success that you want
is a mindset, an attitude that you need to continually nurture
and develop. It is a never-ending process that allows us to keep
improving our lives.

Can you do it yourself? You are not alone.

It’s important to surround yourself in a positive environment
where growth, encouragement and success is unbounded and
championed. Negative thoughts taint your mind causing self-doubt
and second-guessing of your thoughts, desires and actions. No one
has the right to kill your dreams before you’ve had a chance to advance them.

Also, don’t get caught in a mind trap that I call "thoughtless"
thinking. What do I mean? Your thought patterns become routine
and automatic. You do things the same way, over and over because
that is what is expected and that is how it has always been done.
This is the easiest way and fastest way to get stuck in a rut, never to advance.

Progression will never occur when thinking becomes stuck on a
narrow track.

You need to break out of that thought process and allow yourself room to think and grow.

The rise of the Internet is a great example of how dreams and
vision were explored and played out. Sure, there were quite a
number of failures but these failures are lessons that have
become the next thought form. Without trying and expanding your
thinking, how will you know if you will ever achieve success?
It’s only natural to want to get a feel for things and to build
confidence. Start small and start slowly but make sure you get

Let’s now take a closer look at the three drivers that we have
all experienced and continue to use in our lives. Embracing these
three drivers will continue to bring success, happiness and an
abundant life.


This is more than just thinking about what you want; saying that
you want to be rich, or you want a better is job is not enough.
Everybody has those thoughts. You need to visualize and imagine
it. It becomes a part of your existence and the image becomes
clearer and specific. Your thoughts and dreams shape your
creative thinking and ideas. Allow yourself to think freely and
without limitation. Thought is a powerful tool used to generate
ideas that will guide you through the path of success. How else
will we advance if no new thoughts or ideas are born.


Desire is the means by which you drive your thoughts into action.
Without desire, putting your thoughts into action can be very
difficult or even impossible. If your heart is not in it this
will come through in your actions and behaviour. We have all
experienced this sort of feeling and we find ways to get out of
that rut and rebuild our passion and desires. If not, you really
need to dig deeper and seek out what will fire up your burning

Desire will fuel your faith, commitment and belief in yourself
and what you have set out to achieve. For whatever you desire is
about seeking fulfillment and self-improvement. When you want
something bad enough, you should be able to see it with laser
focus. You just know that you are on the right track and you
start developing an action plan to get you where you want to go.

"A person must not only think, but his personal action must
supplement his thought" Wallace D. Wattles - The Science of
Getting Rich


This is where it all comes together- your thoughts and ideas
drive your desire to act. Taking action leads towards the outcome
you have dreamed and visualized. Is it always easy? No. A lot of
people fail or don’t get exactly what they want but the power of
dreaming, adapting, learning and seeking fulfillment will guide
you to the right place.

Positive experiences will help break out negative or skeptical
feelings and will help you believe that you are capable of great

Your success formula: Thought + Desire + Action = Results

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