By: Rhoberta Shaler

Can you ever know if you are living up to your full potential?
There are some indicators that can help you to determine the

If you go to bed happy every night, satisfied with your
accomplishments, you may well have lived up to your full
potential for that day. There is a big difference between
over-extending and fully extending yourself, isn't there? Our
culture pressures us to over-extend. This simply leads to
dissatisfaction and unnecessary stress.

It's completely out of hand, this craze to do more and more.
We've become caught somewhere between the wisdom of 'knowing our
limits' and the pull of 'limitless opportunity'. How can you
know what's best for yourself? You know what is best when you
can honestly say each evening that you have attended to what's
most important to you each day in some way, when you can look
back on your day and say, "Yes! It was a good day!"

Some folks do comfort themselves with false information, though.
When you make someone else responsible for your thoughts,
feelings and actions, you are giving yourself false information.
No one can make you feel a particular way.

Their words or
behavior can elicit that feeling but they do not MAKE you feel
it. You must take responsibility for your feelings as they
arise. Folks who give their power away will never realize their
potential because they never take responsibility for it in the
first place.

That's not you, though, right? You know your priorities and
insure that your focus remains clear. You know what you can and
cannot do right now as well as what you will and want to do
next. Yesterday I was having lunch with a speaking colleague. He
said that he wondered if he was living up to his potential
currently because he was unwilling to fit all that was possible
into every day. Should he really be creating product in those
late hours after his children have gone to bed? When he asked
for my input, I told him that I try to remember that I CAN have
it all, I just cannot have it all at the same time. When
children are young, they need to be our focus. When they grow
up, the focus may turn to other more personal pursuits. There is
a good time for everything. You cannot squeeze a lifetime into
one day. Some things are well saved for ten years from now.

Living up to your full potential is a daily opportunity. When
your priorities are clear and your time and energy are focusedFree Web Content,
you cannot help but live up to your potential. You decide. That
is where your power resides.

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