By: Rhoberta Shaler

Are you willing to prosper in life?

Many people have a feeling that prosperity and spirituality
cannot co-exist when, in fact, the two cannot truly exist
apart. Some think that, at some level, it is "more spiritual"
to live in scarcity and lack, to sacrifice and do without. Is
there any of that thinking holding you back?

There are a few fundamentals to consider. First, do you
believe that living should be natural, spontaneous and
enjoyable? To be fully conscious, intelligent, imaginative,
intuitive, and doing the right thing at the right time is the
goal. To posses a keen anticipation about what you CAN create
in life gives you a great reason to get up in the morning,
doesn't' it?

To prosper is "to thrive, to flourish, to be successful in
every way". Are you willing to entertain this concept as
natural rather than as something you have to strive and
struggle to achieve?

When you are
- spiritually aware
- mentally competent
- emotionally balanced
- self-responsible (mature)
- physically vital
- in harmony with the rhythms of nature
- enjoying mutually supportive relationships or succeeding in
your worthy ventures…


Each of these are available to you if you will take the
necessary steps.

The first step is to clearly understand your major purpose in

What are you about? What do you stand for? Without a
sense of meaningful purpose, you may have a reasonably
comfortable lifestyle, but you may neither feel satisfied nor experience
all that life has to offer. Switching your thinking from
"What's in it for me?" to "What do I have to contribute?", is
a good start.

Then think about your unique talents and abilities? Fully
explore these. It is not arrogance to know that you do
something well. What are you passionate about? Can you use
your unique talents and abilities in the pursuit of your
passion? Yes, and it is probably the best, and most
satisfying, place to use them, too!

What are the most important, significant and valuable things
in your life? Recently I was giving a seminar and I asked the
folks, "What would you be willing to burn at the stake for?"
A bit extreme but they did get the point. If something—a
principle, relationship, belief--is truly valuable to you that
needs to be demonstrated by you every minute, doesn't it? It
cannot be a principleComputer Technology Articles, relationship or belief that is held or
lived only when it's convenient or expedient. You have seen
this and it is not pretty!

Living your life in integrity with what you value puts you on
the direct path to prosperity in all areas of your life. What
better time to get these ducks in a row than NOW?


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