Emerge From Your Cocoon

By: Virginia Reeves


What kind of picture did you just visualize from the title of this
article? Did you see the final product flying and alight upon a
flower? Did you see the intricate pattern on the wings? Did you smile
as you thought about the times when you've watched this delicate and
lovely creation testing many different opportunities for nectar and then
moving on to discover even more delectable treats just around the
corner? Through this analogy of the growth of a cute, fuzzy bug into
one of nature's most delightful creations I hope to awaken you from a
slumber period you might be experiencing in some part of your life.

Yes, at times we need to be securely wrapped up in order to then slowly
crawl out and spread our wings. Unfortunately, many of us stay tightly
secured in our safety zone (cocoon) as it is a known factor,
uncomfortable as it may be. I know there are areas in my life where
this applies. I realize that breaking free would be beneficial but for
various reasons I don't muster the necessary muscle to burst through to
show off my colors.

Each year, people have dreams, make resolutions, and set goals. Perhaps
you've said something to the effect of: What I don't know I will no
longer allow to intimidate me. I will instead view it as an
opportunity. Maybe you even added thoughts such as: I won't be
shackled by my yesterday's, the could have been's, I should have done's,
or why didn't I do that. The past is unimportant except that the events
and outcomes are lessons to be learned. Today is what counts the most
with a can-do outlook for tomorrow.

If so - I'm impressed. And
congratulations - you're on your way to achieving more success in your

But even without such uplifting attitudes and motivational thoughts -
you too will make progress, as long as you keep struggling against the
mostly self-imposed restraints you see as roadblocks. Remember that
each person develops at his or her own pace. You cannot hurry growth;
you can only make room for it and thereby encourage it to take place.
By letting go of hurts, other peoples expectations of you, and feelings
of inadequacy can you take a major leap into the bigger world known as

We may actually place a lid on our potential in order to conform to a
mental blueprint; the so-called self-image. The biggest "con" in
confidence is the label you put on yourself (or allow others to bestow
upon you) as you limit what you will attempt. To live up to your
success potential, allow yourself to try something new on a regular
basis. This can be work or play related - it makes no difference. The
important thing is the willingness to rewrite your script. Try some
personal propaganda by reversing the negative, self-defeating statements
you might make about yourself. Exploit the principle used in
advertising campaigns. Repetition of a message drives it home
unconsciously so that it becomes a subjective truth of your belief
system. Imagine how barren our world would be if the encapsulated
caterpillar didn't push against its barrier to emerge into something
bigger and better than its original self.

Be a wanter. Wanters vigorously go after every possibility they feel
is, or should be, open to them. Because of their desire and
persistence, they tend to achieve about 80 to 90 percent of what they
want. When you only want half of that, you may end up with even less.
If the butterfly only put out half the effort to break through the
cocoon casing, it would never come to life. You have to want more to
get more. Set up realistic yet high enough standards for yourself and
work on measuring up to them. It's certainly acceptable to use the
accomplishments of others to give you creative ideas and perhaps the
motivating energy force you need. Be daring in mind and spirit first.
Take chances and act without overdoing the research which can lead to
procrastination and doubts and non-action. I once read that if you
think you can do it, it's almost a crime not to try.

Remember - you want to be seen as the butterfly, not the bug. You
won't be readily noticed (at least not in a positive manner) if you are
crawling on the ground or hiding for protection. You need to break open
your cocoon and let your outer self be displayed so that others know you
are alive and waiting for them to discover your real attributes. Each
time we reach out to do more than what is expected, we add just a little
more positive goodness to the world. By sharing yourself as a delicate
yet determined butterflyPsychology Articles, you share your victory of emergence and offer
encouragement to others to do the same. Let your rainbow colors shine
and glimmer!


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