Hows Your Squirrel Impression Coming Along?

By: Jeff Mccall

I had a long drive ahead of me...

I set off at the crack of dawn to avoid the rush hour
traffic and get to my destination as early as possible.
There were very few cars on the local roads at that time in
the morning and no pedestrians that I noticed. The road I
was on seemed almost deserted, except for when I reached a
straight section of tree-lined avenue not far from home.

There in the centre of the road ahead sat a little grey

I suspect that the little chap was quite shocked to see my
car. He jumped up in surprise and began rapidly looking this
way and that. Then he began what could have been mistaken
for a little dance. A few steps to the left, a few steps to
the right, and repeat. He really couldn't make his mind up
which way to run to escape. Should he go left or should he
go right?

In fact, he was moving back and forth so much, I had to
swerve several times before I managed to hit him!

OK, cheap laugh! Well, it made me laugh anyway.

I'm sorry, I
just couldn't resist the temptation. Must be my warped sense
of humour.

I promise you, I never ran him down I slowed down enough to
let him safely escape. The last time I saw him he was fit
and well, and running up a tree. Honest your honour!

The little critter knew he had to do something to survive,
he just couldn't decide which direction to go.

I heard a news report on the radio a few days later.
Apparently far fewer hedgehogs are being killed on our
roads. They've learnt that when a car is coming it's
foolhardy to roll it into a ball. Instead, the instinct to
just run for it as fast as they can is now being passed
through the generations. Hedgehogs are learning through
evolution that standing still is not good for their future.

Enough already, what has this got to do with me?

Well if you haven't worked it out yet, it's all about having
some direction in your life. You've got to have something to
aim for right? Without direction you'll just be running in
circles, or back and forth like our little squirrel friend.
You simply must have some direction if you want to move your
life forward, get it?

OK clever whatsit, how do I create direction?

The easiest way is by setting yourself some goals. I won't
go into detail here about the finer points of goal setting,
that's for another article. I just want you to make the
decision to set yourself at least one. Make sure it's
achievable, write it down, read and visualise it regularly
using all of your senses so it becomes real to you.

Believe me, setting goals works! All successful people have
been setting goals for themselves for years. So if you want
to emulate them and achieve success for yourself, in
whatever sphere, you must set yourself some goals.

So how d'you square up?

Are you a squirrel who has no direction in lifeComputer Technology Articles, or are you
a hedgehog who gets his head down and goes for it?

Be successful!

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