Positive Thoughts about Positive Lying (i-mail article)

By: Doug C. Grant

Article Title: Positive Thoughts about Positive Lying
Author Name: Doug C. Grant
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Category: Motivational/Humor
? Doug C. Grant, 2002
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(another chapter from the i-mail saga)

by Doug C. Grant

"What's this nonsense I keep hearing you mutter? 'Every day in every way I'm getting better and better.' "

"It's part of my new self-improvement program," I proudly announced in response to another nagging i-mail from Other-Self. These i-mails arrive internally with the regularity of e-mail but without a delete button.

"You call muttering a cliche a self-improvement program?"

"Absolutely. I also thought you'd send along a little applause. After all you're the one who's always nagging me about self-improvement."

"And you actually think that saying a silly phrase over and over is going to result in some sort of magical change?"

As usual, Other-Self had me on the defensive. "Well, not over night, of course. It's a gradual thing. But even if there's no magical change, as you put it, repeating an affirmation can't hurt."

"Who says?"

"Everybody says. Besides, I thought positive thinking was a big high for you."

"Positive thinking...yes. Positive lying...no."

"Lying! You call an affirmation a lie?"

"Doesn't matter what I call it. It's what your subconscious calls it. And every time you repeat your silly cliche, your subconscious is saying, 'Ain't a word of truth in it.' "

"That's ridiculous. Why would my subconscious say something like that?"

"Because you've programmed it that way.

Just this morning I heard you tell someone on the phone that if bus fares were a nickel you still couldn't afford a trip down the block."

"That was just a joke."

"Your subconscious didn't think so. It doesn't have a humorous cell in its brain. Your so called joke went right into a reality file labeled ‛Lack'...along with a lot of other dumb statements you've made over the years. Here's another example. What did you tell Harvey just this afternoon when he asked how you were feeling?"

"The truth," I quickly responded. "My ulcer is acting up, my sinuses drain faster than a city sewer and I think I'm coming down with the flu."

"That's beautiful. Another addition to your reality file labeled ‛Health'. And you honestly expect to remove all this garbage by stating a few times a day that you're getting better and better?

"Well...I thought it might help."

"It doesn't because your subconscious won't buy a word of it And that part of your brain controls 90% of your mental activity. When you repeat an affirmation, your subconscious immediately goes into a search mode. Are you getting better financially? It looks in your financial reality file. Are you feeling healthier? It checks your physical reality file."

"What's wrong with that," I reply, trying to sound reasonably indignant.

"Because the message it sends back to your conscious mind is LIE, LIE, LIE. And that simply reenforces your garbage thoughts. Instead of feeling better, you actually feel worse because you've programmed your subconscious to think that way. Instead of feeling richer, you feel poorer. Same reason."

"If what you say is true, what's the sense in trying to improve? I might as well quit and go with the flow."

"Dumb thinking. All you have to do is feed your subconscious statements it can't disagree with. Let me give you an example. You want more money to flow into your life. Fine, take the first step and start a savings account."

"Savings account? What's to save? I run on empty before the month ends."

"You got change in your pocket? Put it in a piggy bank. That's a savings account. Every day add more change, even if it's only pennies. But you can now truthfully say, 'Everyday I'm getting richer and richer,' or whatever words you want to use. And your subconscious will say, 'Right...let's get on with making it happen.' "

"What about health?"

"What about anything? Same action technique applies. When you and your subconscious agree, you are setting into motion universal laws that go beyond understanding."

"So, if what you say is true, all I have to do is put a few pennies in a Mason jar every day and I'm well on my way to wealth."

"Well...anyway it's a start. Just one other thing. When someone asks how you're doing, just reply, 'Great!' and shut up. That'll do as much for your health and wealth as ten affirmations."


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