Believe That You Deserve To Be Wealthy

By: Stuart Goldsmith

You are lost if you do not believe that having money is a good thing. You need the self-confidence and focus to follow your dream and this will be fatally undercut if you have the wrong
philosophy of life and money.

No amount of effort on your part will overcome a faulty philosophy. If, deep down, you believe that wealth is a sin or that money is dirty, or wicked then the first step is for you to correct this error or give up all hopes of wealth for you and your family.

What is a 'wrong' philosophy with regard to making money?

Anything which could be described as altruistic, socialist,
collectivist, communist or any one of its thousand
manifestations no matter what the label, no matter what the
disguise, no matter what the smoke screen.

Without exception, every self-made millionaire I have met
was a rugged individualist. Most of them despised
government, although many were clever enough not to say so
in public. And believe me, there were approximately zero
socialists amongst them.

A socialist, whatever he calls himself, is someone who
believes that brute force should be used to loot from the
productive, in order to provide handouts for the
unproductive. No matter how you disguise it, or make it look
fancy, that's the plain truth of the socialist doctrine.

I believe that it is impossible for you to attempt to get
rich if you have some nagging doubt that money is the root
of all evil, that Capitalism is bad or that wealth should be
divided up amongst the needy. You have surrendered the
philosophical high ground if you sign up for any of these

Let me apologize in advance if you find this a little heavy.
It is my sincere wish that you read this article and stay
with me. Later articles are far easier.

The teachings I produce in order to help people have a
better life aren't merely plucked from the air, randomly. My
views are based on a solid, 'from the ground up' philosophy
of life - a thing which few people have in our compromise
age of mixed economies.

It is a powerful thing to have a coherent philosophy of
life. Without this, you react to life's events with a series
of random, mood of the moment responses which are often
contradictory and self-defeating. You pick emotions and
opinions from an array of ill-considered viewpoints and
hand-me-down beliefs.

In contrast, a coherent philosophy empowers you. The correct
thing to do in all situations becomes obvious - it is merely
a question of being strong enough to do it, which is not
always so easy!

No thief, no con-man, no criminal will ever come close to
stealing the amount of wealth taken from you by force due to
bad philosophy. I am, of course, talking about state theft
of your life efforts. If you do not believe such theft is
wrong, your wealth-generating efforts are doomed.


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