DESIRE & PURPOSE: Keys to Wealth & Abundance

By: Jorge J. Sarria

On February 5, 1999, in the beautiful paradise of Waikiki Beach, a young man
by the name of Robert Edwards was living his dream. After a sensational
rookie season in the National Football League, he was enjoying his week of
fun and relaxation leading up to his first Pro Bowl appearance. Life was

Yet, in a split second, Robert's life changed forever. At one moment, he was
playing a casual game of flag football on the sandy beaches. In the next, he
lay flat on the sand unable to feel his entire leg while it rested in a
discombobulated fashion.

The source of blood to his lower leg, known as the popliteal artery, was
completely severed. Two ligaments in his knee were fully torn. And, a third
was partially damaged. His peroneal nerve was stretched. Had it not been
for the immediate attention he received, his leg would have been amputated.

Life as he knew it was over. Robert's football career ended. Doctors
wondered whether he would ever walk again.

Yet, three years later, this courageous young man is not only walking, he
became the starting third down back for the Super Bowl contending Miami

How do people like Robert Edwards do it? Do they have supernatural powers?
Or, is it that they have the knowledge, will, and faith to achieve what many
people believe are miracles?

The fact of the matter is that every single one of us possesses the power to
achieve feats as challenging as the one that Robert conquered. The secret
to accessing the power lies in initiating the effort and fostering its growth.

Flames do not burn without a spark. Avalanches do not slide without
snowflakes. And, hurricanes do not devastate without crossing winds.

You see, for each and every action there is a reaction.

This is a law of
Physics that exists everywhere in nature. Most importantly, this law holds
true for every aspect of our lives.

An unrelenting, burning desire is the essence, the spark, the catalyst for
success in any aspect of our lives. If you think back to any significant
accomplishment that you have had in your life, you can probably identify the
event or series of events that awoke your desire to achieve.

Now, once you awaken your desire, something is required to sustain its
energy and growth. Wood is required to keep the flame burning. An inclined
slope isrequired to keep the avalanche sliding. And, warm tropical waters
with favorable barometric pressure are required to keep the hurricane
spinning. That something you require is Purpose.

Robert had a preposterous desire. Not to just walk or run, but to regain all
aspects of the athleticism he possessed prior to the injury. He also had a
dominating purpose, to reclaim the glory of playing amongst the elite in the
sport he loves, football.

He not only did what he set out to do, but he became a contributing member
of a Super Bowl contender.

In life, we do things out of inspiration or desperation. One of the two
unleashes our desire from within with a purpose that makes it burning and
unrelenting. And, once our desire reaches that level, there is no turning
back. We will achieve what we desire.

Here's a simple illustration. Vividly imagine that your closest loved one has
been afflicted with a rare disease. And, the only way to save them is to
legally produce $1 MM in the next 60 days for the necessary ailments. Do
you think you would find a way to make this happen?

I know I would. I'm sure everyone would if they truly loved that person.

You see, in our example the desire or need is to produce $1 MM in 60 days.
But, wouldn't everyone like to have $1 MM in the next 60 days. I'd bet you'd
have a harder time finding someone who wouldn't than actually making the
$1 MM. Yet, most people will never produce $1 MM neither in the next 60
days, nor in their lifetime. However, with the purpose of saving our closest
loved one, everyone would make it happen.

So how can we take this knowledge and put it into action to serve us in our

First, we must not mistaken a burning desire, for a hope, a wish, or a fantasy.
It is a keen, burning, pulsating, unrelenting mandate which you place on
yourself that will transcend any challenge, obstacle or distraction that
stands in your way. It is a definite and specific perceived reality from the
moment that you conceive it. You must focus so intensely on this desire
that it consumes your whole state of being. Its achievement becomes an
ongoing obsession.

Therein lays the synergistically combined power of a worthwhile desire with
an extremely meaningful purpose.

Now, couldn't you put the powerful nature of your imagination to work, and
create a purpose that would elicit a rocket-fuel burning desire to succeed
from within you?

So, what is it that you desire? And, more importantly, why? What is the
purpose of your desire?

The only way to succeed in any endeavor is by defining a specific goal and
placing all your energy, will power, effort, and action on the achievement of
that goal.

When you do, you will achieve whatever you desire.

Ó Copyright 2003 Jorge Sarria & Optimal Performance SolutionsFeature Articles, LLC.


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