I Should, I Must, I Will, I Did!

By: Gordon Bryan

Ever found yourself saying ‘Ooh, I really should do this, I really should do

Of course you have, everyone has, myself included.

The trouble is, whatever the thing is that you ‘really should do’, will just
stay as some wishy washy task sometime in the future.

It’s a goal achievement killer, an eternal get-out clause, because ‘I should’
is usually followed by ‘but I can’t because…’, or until, or unless, etc, etc

For goal achievement to work, the goal needs to be clearly defined, you
need to desire the goal badly enough, and you need to believe for certain
that it will happen.

Without these 3 in place, your goal will stay stuck at the ‘I should’ stage.

Once you *do* have the definition, the desire, and the belief in place
though, you will realise that ‘I should’ changes to ‘I must’, or the goal will
not come to fruition.

This is progress, but to move on, you need your attitude to be correct,
another goal achievement essential.

If you are at the ‘I must’ stage, then your attitude is in the right direction,
but you need to realise that your goal will not happen without
action, which is one of, if not *the* most important secret of success.

Action unleashes power.

Power within yourself, and also external power, bringing unplanned
opportunites to your door.

Once you have the attitude of action sorted out, you will move in to the
‘I will’ stage.

Probably 90% of the time, our negative expectations are proved
unfounded, and this one of the rushes we get from action, along with
knowledge that your goal is undoubtedly closer to happening because
you *have* acted.

You also get a sense of control, and the ability to choose the direction of
your life.

Finally we arrive at the ‘I did’ stage.

At this point, we have maybe achieved our goal, or taken steps towards it,
and we can begin to unleash this system on other goals in our life.

Maybe it didn’t work out, in which case I pull out one of my favourite

“You’re not a failure if you try and don’t make it, you’re a success
because you tried".

In either case you can feel proud of yourself, because you are truly
harnessing the power which lies within yourself, and believe me, you
will feel happier and less stressed.

We use this 4 step strategy all the time, every day.
Putting out the rubbish for the garbage collector for example.
I should put the rubbish out because it’s bin day.
I must put it out, or it won’t get collected.
I will put it out, because I don’t want it hanging around for another week.
I did put it out, and the job is done.

Our own goals in life, whatever they may beFree Articles, simply need a conscious
effort to apply the same 4 steps!

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