What Really Matters Most

By: Lee Wise

Author: Lee Wise
Copyright date: 2003
Word Count: 468 w/bio
Characters per line: 60

Revisiting The Important Dramas Of Our Lives
? Lee Wise 2003 All rights reserved


?Lee Wise, 2002

The appreciation of life I gain
as I process the tragedies in my
life and the lives of those around me.


Our lives consist of a series of stories.

Average ones
And not-so-average ones

Yesterday I listened as two of our friends shared at a
conference their not-so-average story.

The story began as an ordinary return trip from a family
outing. It was one of those "nice family times."

Without warning everything changed.

As they drove out one side of a tunnel, the car was
instantaneously engulfed by a thick fog.

Within minutes our friends found themselves being rushed to
nearby hospitals and trauma centers. They were torn apart
and sent in three directions: each to their respective place
of care.

The words "concussions," "broken back," "broken neck," and
"coma" took on entirely new and all-to-real meanings for
this average family on what began as their "average" day of
fun together.

There were not many people at this particular conference.
It could easily be termed "small."


The depth of what was shared as we listened and interacted
with our friends who had passed through this disaster
created an atmosphere of thanksgiving and appreciation for
just being alive.

One of the other couples in the room had experienced a
similar catastrophe. And they, like the speakers, became
intimately acquainted with the term "broken neck." The wife
of this couple shared a thought concerning one of the many
reactions to their ordeal:

"You realize what's really important."

At that point there was a brief pause in the room.
A silent moment of reflection and understanding.

We identified.

Not because we had identical stories, but because we could
revisit one or more of our own dramas that motivated us to
weigh "what's really important" in our lives.


What about *your* similar story -- or stories?

Why not take a moment and review one or two of the most
meaningful stories of your life?

Stories that caused you to "come back to center."

Stories that stimulated you to contemplate what really
matters, be truly grateful, or take life changing steps of


For the purpose of allowing the positive results of those
moments to visit you one more time.

And maybe -- just maybe -- help you during an important day
of your life: today.

Yours for a day filled with beautiful moments in time,


Lee is a seminary administrator, has a part-time business
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Moment In Time" and "Hope For Daily Living." Permission
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