At Thanksgiving, Tap into Abundance

By: Louise Morganti Kaelin

Many of us live in a state of ‘scarcity’ thinking. We find
it incredibly easy to imagine the worst happening. We also
feel extremely justified in feeling that way because we are
bombarded daily with extremely negative and disturbing news.
All of this negativity confirms our belief that, well, that
life sucks and then we die.

My personal theory is that this is a very definite ‘chicken
and the egg’ scenario. I believe we get all that
confirmation because our belief is so strong, not that our
belief is strong because of all that evidence.

For example, have you ever bought a new car (or really,
really wanted a particular model)? Suddenly, you’re driving
down the road and every second car seems to be the car of
your choice. Is that because all of a sudden there ARE MORE
cars of that make and model out there? Or is it because your
consciousness is more TUNED IN to that car?

It’s the same way with energy.

We all know how effective it
is with negative energy, but the truth is it works just as
effectively with positive energy. It does help, however, if
we are familiar with the feeling we are going for. We all
know we want to be happy, or joyful, or confident, but it’s
hard to truly experience the feeling because it’s not a
feeling we’re used to.

How do we shift from scarcity to abundance? One way is to
start practicing ‘feeling’ abundant. Thanksgiving in the
States is a perfect time of year to tap into that feeling,
and I’m sure there are other holidays around the world that
would allow this same experience.

When we think Thanksgiving, we tend to think of food, and
family, and football (usually in that order!). There is a
feeling of ‘fullness’ that comes with that image. We
actually find ourselves smiling that ‘satisfied’ grin
associated with Cheshire cats just at the memory. These
physical responses just come unbidden. In fact, if we ‘try’
to feel that happiness, it tends to dissipate. The key is to
‘remember’ the feeling and not ‘try’ to feel it.

Make this coming Thanksgiving into an abundance-
consciousness day. Let the feelings that come up fill your
entire body. Enjoy the holiday to its fullest and create an
anchor that you will be able to tap into all year round. It
is so easy to live in abundance consciousness when we have a
deepFree Web Content, full and personal experience of what that means.

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