Reiki Level 2... And Beyond

By: Judith Conroy

At this stage it is time to play with the symbols.

We have practiced using the energy of Reiki and now need to be more specific, more intentioned.

For the next 6 weeks, just use one symbol a week. Sleep with it under your pillow. Find uses for it in every situation that you can. See how it changes the subtle flow of Reiki energy within yourself.

Find which is/are your favorite symbol/s.

The Power Symbol may be the best one, but you might find that the Distance Symbol opens all the options up for you.

Personally, I love the Distance Symbol.

For I like to open all the doors and windows of opportunity in every situation.

To work on all levels all at once. All dimensions, as in past present and future...

Fix the lot all in one go, so to speak.

I also love the Distance Symbol because of it's ability to open me up exponentially too.

To me it is about acceptance and embracing the ALL of it.

The Power Symbol, to me, is like a shot in the arm. It is like a surge of energy.

I want it, and I want it now... POW!

Think it - and it's there.

Great in emergencies and for immediate results.

Great in a ten minute, 'I've got a headache' type healing but liable to give me burn out if used for the whole one hour healing session.

So, start with the Power Symbol to get the ball rolling...

...and use another, more empathic symbol - to heal - then close with the Power Symbol just to boost the clients energy.

The Usui Master Symbol I use when I want to step into, and own, my power.

I use it to put ME there too. My unique, individual signature energy.

I find the Usui Master Symbol most personal as it expresses ME.

I use it before meeting the public, when I may feel shy or awkward. (Yes, I know, but I do get like that too)...

When I need to feel my strength in a situation and when others need to feel my strength.

It gives me grit, backbone, and determination.

It makes me feel positive, dynamic and capable. It makes me feel happy and proud to be me. It makes me feel in control of my life.

The Tibetan Master Symbol on the other hand is for days when I don't feel like that :-)

It is so good at clearing the mess...

...and some days we just get stuck in it. Nothing goes right, nobody loves us, nobody cares and we are all alone in the world.

Not a soul understands us.

Well, that's when the Tibetan Master Symbol works best. It gets to the heart of the matter.

Love is all there is and the heart is where we FEEL our soul, and express it.

When this gets overshadowed by negative stuff we need to blast it away with the Tibetan Master Symbol.

This energy is like chasing shadows. It feels so heavy and real, so actual but mostly it is exaggerated mind talk. 'A bee in the bonnet', 'a dog with a bone'...

Our inner fears and demons out to play havoc.

So blast them to high heaven with the Tibetan Master Symbol.

Bring in the blue skies and sunshine.

Use this often festering, angry energy, to do something positive.

Take action... move.

Suddenly the whole energy turns positive again and we can see what the loving thing to do would be.

The Tibetan Master Symbol then, is really good for conquering our fears.

You see, we only really come out of two emotions - love or fear.

Fear blocks our love. The Tibetan Master Symbol clears our fears and frees our love.

The Mental/Emotional Symbol, for me, is to stop the swing from one end of the spectrum to the other.

It's to bring balance. To find the middle way, the loving way.

You know the situations I mean.

It is usually to do with our connection. Our relationship with someone or something (which reminds us of our connectedness to someone).

He loves me or hates me. I will or I won't.

You can have it all or nothing. It's black or white.

When a simple Yes or No is loaded.

When we lose our connection on the outside it is because we have lost our connection with ourselves, on the inside.

Sometimes we swing inside and withdraw from contact.

Sometimes we reach out to people we normally would not connect with - and may regret when we wake up.

Either way, the Mental/Emotional Symbol will bring us back into balance.

With regular Reiki 'treats' on yourself you will soon know when your pendulum is beginning to swing out too far, and you can rebalance before it gets out of control.

Raku, is like a full body massage.

It's soothing, relaxing, replenishing. Our chakra centers are fluctuating with energy all day long. Pulling in and pushing out at the same time - pulsating.

When we share our energy and space with others it is wonderful to relax and chill with the Raku Symbol. It will harmonize the individual chakra fluctuations. It will restore overall balance and harmony within the whole body.

These are how the symbols feel to me.

But most importantly, trust how they feel to YOU.

When you feel comfortable with the various sensations the symbols give you then you are ready to REALLY share Reiki with someone else.

Do not be afraid to practice on people. There are no accidents.

Whatever will be, will be right for all concerned.

By sharing what you know you have at your fingertips, you will become more knowledgeable, confident, proficient and powerful.

You will become more grounded, as the energy settles and flows within you.

I have always said that Reiki makes you more of who you are and this brings with it a marvellous sense of serenity.

Happy sharing.

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