MLM Training: Overcoming Phone Phobia in Network Marketing

By: Doug Firebaugh

You look at the telephone and weird things start to happen?

Let me see -- I bet I can describe it. I went through it, and fortunately now teach how to conquer it for MLM and Network Marketing.

1) You get a knot in your stomach.

2) You get anxious and start dreading the call.

3) You actually start sweating and heart pounds.

4) You begin to think of other things you need to do.

5) You decide to go do them.

Sound famliar?

That is what I used to do constantly until one day we realized some things that made a HUGE difference in our phone calls in network marketing. When the "light went on" and we actually understood the Psychology of the telephone, it made all the difference in the world.

On the telphone in mlm, your job really is to do one thing


Your job is to talk to people and separate people into 2 groups:

People that are OPEN to new ideas.

People that are not open to new ideas.

And the ones that are not open to new ideas right now, are simply people you put in your 'later' file. You are a messenger, and every phone call is simply a delivery vehicle. Either way, you have been successful at separating the people you talk to in network marketing.

And combine that with these three relizations, you will find some relief with Phone Phobia.

Here are the 3 realizations we had about the telephone in network marketing and what the REALITY is, versus what we think we are doing.

1) ALL a phone call is, is a CONVERSATION

That is it. It is simply a conversation that you have done a thousand times before. And the secret to getting past the phone phobia in MLM is to have NO agenda for the call except to hold a conversation with the person and see if they are open to a new idea.

That is it. You want to talk to them and see if they are open to a new idea that would help them.

If they are not open, then talk about them. If they are open, then ask some questions about what they are looking to happen in their life and what they would like to improve. Have no agenda, except to help people, and if you can great. If you cannot, great. You have still held a conversation that went well.

2) Understand that all phone phobia is based on the fear of the wrong results.

If you knew you would get all yeses, then you would call people 24/7. But you know that you will not, so you get scared.

How about changing your paradigm?

How about looking at the phone call NOT from a results standpoint, but a PRACTICE standpoint, and you are calling people to practice and get better, and sharpen your skills? Results are partly a fruit of a good skill set and why not get better at it while you work?


You are NOT in charge of results. You are only in charge of getting better at the phone which will improve your results dramatically.

Are you in the market currently for a $400,000 Bentley? No? If a friend of yours who is marketing them calls you and tells you about them, have they done something wrong? Just because they do not sell you one, should they quit selling them? Of course not. You simply were not in the market right now for one.

It is the same thing with Network marketing. Some people simply will not be in the market for what you are marketing.

Do not worry about results. They will come. Worry about getting better, and getting an expertise in usuing the telephone that you can train your downline with.

3) Realize that Phone Phobia is also an opinion. A wrong one.

You are calling to hold a conversation with someone to HELP THEM, not sell them or recruit them. Many people look at using the telephoine in network marketing as "bothering my friends." That is an opinion in error. How can you bother friends when you calling to see if you can help them?

You do not know if they are who you are looking for, and if your mlm products and services are what they need. You are not bothering them, but offering them a message with some new information that could possibly help their life.

Make your opinion count. Get out of the "bother zone' and into the "message zone." If your message is not received, then they are not open to new ideas. It is that simple.

Your job is to find out if they are open or not.

Look at the phone.

Touch it.

This is your conversation tool. This is your Wealth Vault and holds the keys to a lot of money in your life and other's lives.

Your job is to call people and talk about THEM, and see if they are open to a new idea.

You are not in charge of results, and you are not in charge of what they say. You are in charge of talking about them and what is BEST FOR THEM.

Dial the number.

Start your normal conversation and ask about their life, family, and job.

Ask for their help. You need some people to try your products.

If they say yes- you have succeeded. They are open to new ideas.

If they say no, you have succeeded. You have found that they are not open to new ideas.

Are you bleeding or need a doctor? No?

See? Do this over and overArticle Search, and hold conversations with people about them and what is best for them. You will find your phone phobia going away in your MLM and Network Marketing Business.


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