Strategies To Improve Telephone Results To Build MLM Dowline

By: Jason Clark

1.Reap what you sow! What does that mean? It’s vital you keep
prospecting to keep the funnel full. The prospecting funnel is the
life-blood of your network marketing business. It’s the heartbeat of
your business.

2.You must use your product or service no matter what you
recommend. If you don’t use your product you are going to have a
tough time convincing your prospects to use it. What is your personal

3.Ask yourself what are your prospects most fundamental concerns
are. Become a problem solver match your business opportunity or
product to their primary wants.

4.If you don’t succeed totally on a prospecting call, qualify them
for the future. Follow up again in 6 months to check if your
prospects circumstances have changed.

5.Go back to high potential prospects that didn’t join or purchase
your product. You have a much better chance when you go back because
you have developed your skills over a period of time.

6.When leaving a message with a machine or person identify
yourself. Identify yourself with your title and where you’re calling
from because it adds credibility.

7.When leaving a message on voicemail speak slowly and clearly. It
gives your listener time to take notes. Always repeat important

8.Prepare your voicemail strategy before making your call. Prepare
what you’re actually going to say. You will sound more confident and
more competent.

9.Every time you leave a voicemail message be certain to insert
something of value and interest. Your prospect needs a reason to take

10. Don’t be too concerned with the best time to call a prospect.
The best time to call is when you’re available. If you’re not on the
phone you don’t have any chance reaching anyone.

11. Have call objectives for your day and stick to! When you have
your day planned you will be more focused and likely to take action.
Take prospects from first contact to a scheduled interview.


Take each call, as far it will possible go. Have an objective
and reason for your call. If you have an objective of making first
contact to then interviewing your prospect take your call through
this process. Don’t have a limited notion it takes X number of dials
to achieve this and make a sale.

13. Do a little more each day. Challenge yourself and you will grow…
beat your results anyway you can and it will do wonders for your
business. MLM is a personal development program with a pay plan

14. Your opening statement must always address your prospects
primary wants. What is it your prospect wants? What’s in it for your

15. Begin follow up calls with pro-active phrases like: I’m calling
to review, I’m calling to discuss, I’m calling to analyse, I’m
calling to go over what we talked about on out last call or I’m
calling to continue our conversation from last time.

16. Opening statements should be scripted, but never read. Your
opening statement should come across naturally and conversational.
Write your opening statement the same way as you speak. Role-play
with your upline or coach. Learn it word for word and memorise it. It
helps to establish the opening rapport and learn about your prospects
primary wants.

17. Go back to your inactive down line and call them. “We had the
opportunity to work together last year"… Situations change! See where
they’re at and if you can work together again.

18. Pause after you have asked a question for two to three seconds
(golden silence). Give prospects time to respond. Don’t answer for
them. It applies when they ask you a question. Show you’re concerned
about responding to them. Think through what you’re going to say back
to them. Adds credibility. Take notes about your conversations and
use keywords your prospect has used.

19. Listen for tones and feelings behind your prospects words. There
is hidden meaning in what we say, by how we say it. Face-to-face it’s
called body language. It shows you’ve been educated on how to do
things properly. How we say something is as important as we say it.

20. Don’t get frustrated when someone answers your call and are in a
rush. Accept people can be occupied with others things. Gage your
response, initial questions or call back at a more convenient time.

21. Practice listening on the phone and off. Most of us are guilty
of selective hearing. Learn not to be judgemental or biased…listen to
information and then process it.

22. If you have done everything right your prospect will volunteer
to join or purchase your product…don’t count on it. Close your
prospects. Simply ask them what their next step is. What is their
plan? When? Follow up and follow through.

23. Use questions to strike with prospects convictions. Their
conviction may not be strong enough yet. Strengthen their convictions
by asking questions… What do you suggest we do from here? They will
tell you.

24. Ask for a commitment with conviction. Is there any reason why
you won’t join XYZ Company today? Is that your plan? Are going to
join today? Talk in a positive way.

25. Get people to visualise using your product or service. Help
people visualise the success they can have with your business
opportunity. What does it means to them. It comes back down to your
prospects primary wants. What will $4,000 a month allow your prospect
to do? Ask them!

To Your SuccessFeature Articles,
Jason Clark


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