Business Phone Relocation Guide

By: Tony Dunphy

Business Relocation Guide for Phones from Telaustralia
Telaustralia have put this guide to relocating your business phone lines and PABX system to help you to avoid any issues or down time with your phones.
When are you moving?
It is vital that you allow sufficient lead time when planning your business relocation to give your business phone company sufficient time to book the relocation and manage the relocation of your business phone lines. Relocation of a PSTN phone line is usually quite simple but an ISDN order can take up to 8 weeks.
VERY IMPORTANT - Your moving date.
If you change your moving dates, the network provider will often cancel your order. Changing the date of your relocation can cause delays with your phone lines as orders will be placed at the back of the order queue, essentially re starting the order process.
It can be difficult juggling all the different time frames required but the most important requirement in managing this is lead time.
As a rough guide the following time frames are required to relocate your business phone lines.
* PSTN 5-7 working days
* ISDN 10-20 working days
* ISDN 10/20/30 20-60 working days
* Office Connect Voice & Data 25-40 working days
* ADSL 3-7 working days after the PSTN line is functional and the number provided.
Given the time frames associated with getting an Internet Service up and running, the PSTN Phone lines is often one of the first lines that should be set up which will allow your IT staff to configure the service and have it up and running prior to your relocation. This may costs a bit more in line rental etc but is worth it opposed to operating your business without ADSL Internet. See
What are you relocating?
It is important that you provide your Business Phone company with accurate details of the services you want to relocate. Any changes or modifications to the order can delay the process so please ensure you get the details right from the outset.
Consider a plan for the following services
* Your main line or advertised number
* Your fax number
* Any Direct In Dial numbers that have bee advertised
* Eftpos Numbers
* Alarm lines
* ADSL lines
Where are you moving to?
Where you are moving to is clearly quite important and there are a range of factors that need to be considered.

Most important is to supply your service provider with accurate site address details.
VERY IMPORTANT - Your address details.
If your address details are not accurate the network carrier may cancel your relocation order and put you to the back of the order queue, essentially restarting the order process.
Are you moving into a site serviced by the same exchange and located within the same area you are currently in ...... meaning you can keep your existing numbers? If you cant keep your new numbers you will need to arrange diversions on your existing numbers.
Site Technical Inspection
Have you had a technical inspection done on the site ....... with a technician to ensure that all internal phone and data cabling is in place for your voice, data and print requirements? Telaustralia strongly recommend you do. If you haven't yet, you will need to map out exactly what your requirements are and arrange a contractor to supply the required power, voice, data and print cabling. If cabling is not in place your service provider will be unable to deliver your services and you may be up for hefty charges and even worse ... long delays when it is time to install your PABX phone System.
You will need to allow for cabling to each desk, computer, printer, any servers you may be operating and to where your PABX Phone System will be located.
If appropriate site cabling is not available your services will not be connected by the due date.
Phone Line relocation points to consider in your planning
Many business consider they can just relocate without due consideration to their IT and Voice services. Short cuts are taken that lead to extensive costs and down time further down track It is strongly recommended you take time to sit down and plan your relocation with your PABX maintainer, IT staff/consultants and your Phone company.
Which day? - Timing
You should consider when is the best time for you to relocate. Which time of the day and day of the week or month are you best able to manage your workload and staffing levels to ensure the smoothest possible transition?
Relocating to a different exchange
You cannot keep your numbers if you move to an area serviced by a different exchange, although you are able to permanently divert your numbers to your new numbers.
Call Diversions
Depending on where you relocate to you may want to divert calls from your old numbers to your new numbers. There is a charge for diverted calls and a cost to "rent" the diversion on your old line.
Diverting your PABX System
Prior to removing your PABX from your old premises it is very important for your PABX technician to set diversions to your new numbers. If this is not completed at this time an emergency diversion (fee for service diversion) will have to be set via the telephone exchange, which is significantly more expensive and can lead to a interruption to your service while it is being arranged.
Relocating your PABX Phone System
Your Phone Company won't relocate your PABX Phone System. That is the job of your BABX Maintainer. If you are relocating an existing PABX Phone system this is where things can get tricky in juggling the period between when the system is removed from the old site and installed at the new site. If your system is large relocation can take several days from removal through to installation, jumpering of the new phone lines and configuration.
It may be worthwhile considering a new PABX Phone System. See
Your new phone lines need to be in place and active to relocate the phone system and configure it.
Even if you have a new phone system installed it is highly advisable to have your technician at hand during the first day of the move or to ensure that the system configuration and set up is right. If you have to call your PABX maintainer back you may be up for hefty call out fees.
IT Services
Your IT is separate to your voice services. Items such as PCs, fax machines, photocopiers, scanners and other electrical equipment can be quite sensitive during as move so it is advisable to have your IT experts on hand to assist with set up and configuration of your business equipment and network requirements.


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