Lower Car Insurance Premiums

By: Allthingz
If you have just recently paid your insurance agent for your car insurance, and the price had increased again, you only have yourself to blame! You could have saved yourself hundreds of dollars with just one phone call plus about one hour research. If you use the same insurance agent every year, chances are your premiums will rise every year. We've come to expect the premiums to increase, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Let me introduce you to apathy - apathy is your insurance agent's best friend, he loves apathy because he knows it's what will send you back to him next year. You will renew your car insurance with him every year because it's what you have always done. His office is just along the street from where you work so it's convenient to call in during your lunch break to sort things out. I'm sure there are lots of other reasons why you stay with the agent, but let me give you a couple of reasons you should change.

At a shareholders meeting recently, the CEO of one of America's biggest car insurance companies said "a shift of power towards the consumer is taking place" and "we don't want to lose customers to other companies at a price we would be comfortable with". His words not mine!

That means that for years they have been setting your rates much higher than they needed to, for them to make a "comfortable" profit. They would have been "comfortable" charging you less, but they knew they didn't have to for them to retain your business. If you embrace apathy and accept the increases in their rates every year, they have you as their hostage and things will never change.

What Can You Do?

Two words - comparison shopping! There is no law that says you must buy your car insurance form you local agent, you can buy it from anywhere. Spend one hour on the Internet and compare as many deals as you can find, I guarantee that you will find a better rate. When you have collected your deals, call your local insurance agent and let him know that you are planning to move your business, often you will find that he is "comfortable" charging you much less now than he originally said!

The bottom line is you need to 'invest' about 1 hour of your time to do this, but if you manage to save $200, hey that's not a bad hourly rate. This technique will work for almost anyone, but it's especially powerful if your premiums are higher than the average for a certain reason - if you're looking for car insurance for teenagers say. One more quick tip, don't just limit it to car insurance, do the same for your home insurance, health insurance, etc. etc..