How to Recycle & Refill Kodak Printer Ink Cartridges

By: James Kara Murat

Recycling printer cartridges has extremely vital benefits for the society. The consumer gets a huge economic benefit, and the environment insuperable benefits. Recycling cartridges is a means to save money and fuel, reduce garbage and prevent pollution. Many printer and cartridge companies have taken the initiative to recycle by refilling or remanufacturing. Hence one way of recycling is to send the cartridge back to the place from where the cartridge has been purchased. Another easier way is to refill the cartridge and reuse the recycled one.

Recycling or refilling of some printer cartridges is extremely easy that anyone can refill but in some cases refilling can be messy and difficult.

Kodak Printer Ink Cartridges (One Color)

In Kodak printer ink cartridges the ink is retained due to the presence of internal sponge in the cartridge. The following steps can be used for the easy refilling of these cartridges.

1. Spread some absorbent material like a newspaper or a towel in order to avoid mess.
2. Create a hole in the top lower flat surface using a drill or a heated pin. Drill a hole 1/3rd of the way from the edge. Make the hole where the letter 'K' is written.
3. Fill ? of the syringe bottle with ink about 10 to 15ml.
4. Insert the needle into the cartridge and inject slowly into the sponge. Inject deeply so that the sponge gets saturated.
5. You can reseal the hole but it is not necessary.
6. Expect some dripping but for greater results leave the cartridge overnight. Seal it if you have to transport it.

Kodak Printer Ink Cartridges (Colored & Photo Cartridge)

The colors of ink used in these cartridges are:
&bull Red(or magenta)
&bull Blue(or cyan)
&bull Yellow

The first step for refilling ink cartridges remains the same:

1. First the lid has to be removed. This can be done with a sharp knife at the intersection of colored and black plastic. Remove the lid.
2. Insert a pin or toothpick into each hole in order to check the different colors in chambers.
3. Fill the syringe bottle about 1/8th with ink which is 5ml for each chamber.
4. Insert the needle into the cartridge and slowly inject so that the internal sponge gets saturated. All colors may not empty fully so the sponge will not soak fully.
5. Repeat the 2nd and 3rd step for the other two colors and fill the chambers with different syringes.
6. Place the cap back on top and tape it.
7. Expect some dripping but for greater results leave it overnight.

Kodak Printer Laser Toner Cartridge

The refilling of Kodak laser toner cartridge should be done at a place where there is no breeze. It is flammable so work where there is no flame. Also do not inhale as it is irritating. The three basic types of Kodak laser toner cartridges are:

&bull Canister: tube for holding toner
&bull Drum: cartridge with gears and a drum with a gelatin coating
&bull Toner and developer: similar to drum cartridge but uses toner and developer both.

Kodak Canister Cartridge

1. Spread some absorbent material like a towel or newspaper. Find a plug at the end of cartridge.
2. Remove the plug. If you don't find it then create a hole which does not come in the way of the paper path (a smooth plastic surface).
3. After creating a hole carefully remove the shavings.
4. Shake the bottle of toner and pour the entire bottle into the cartridge with a funnel or paper funnel.
5. Put the plug back and seal with a black electrical tape.
6. Install in the printer.

Kodak Drum Cartridge

These are complex cartridges. The 'pretty' drum may have three colored coatings: red, blue or green. Before refilling locate its toner and waste hopper following these points:

1. Locate the drum and imagine that it runs down to the end of the cartridge.
2. Lay it down to that the drum runs from left to right in front of you. The side near to you is the 'near side' and the one far from you is 'far side'.
3. One of these sides is larger than the other.
4. The largest side is 'toner hopper' and smaller one is 'waste hopper'.

Now to refill follow the following steps.

i. Locate the drum but do not touch it. It can be under a shutter.
ii. Find the toner hopper. You will see a translucent plug on one side. Remove it. If you do not find it then create a hole in the toner hopper away from the paper path.
iii. Vacuum the drum of shavings but do not touch the drum.
iv. Shake the bottle of toner and pour the entire bottle into the cartridge with a funnel.
v. Seal the hole with the pug or a black electrical tape.


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