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By: Aram Hayrapetyan

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But first I invite you to analyze together the situation around the conditions of the problem.

The XX century, the latest period of the history of analytical chemistry, was specially rich in innovations. A great significance had the invention of chromatography (M. S. Tswett, 1903) and the subsequent development of its varieties.

The analyses of a great number of substances are based on the use of chromatographic principles of separation. On this same principle are based the separation of isotopes and therefore the creation of atomic weapon and atomic power stations.

Six Nobel prizes were won by Carrer in 1932, Kuhn in 1938, Ruzicka in 1939, Martin and Synge in 1952, Sanger in 1958 and 1980 - authors, whose achievements depended to a significant degree on the use of chromatographic analysis.

In the development of chromatography, a process that goes on up to-day, a definite tendency is traced. After the substantial theoretical and technological "gush" it follows to provide the equipment with additional parts allowing the enlargement of the analytical possibilities of the chromatograph. On this background it is considered in - time the development of Chromabarography - a new basic technology of chromatography.

What does it present itself, what does it give to the user and producer of the equipment?

After all, the heart of chromatography is the chromatographic column. The theory of gas chromatography, presented by the equation of Van Deemter H = A + B/u + Cu shows that for each chromatographic separation there exists an optimal flow rate above and below which the column efficiency is reduced.

In practice, the linear speed of the sample zone moved by the carrier gas, is changed continuously and increases as it approaches the outlet, which results in a non-effective use of a part of the column.

Yet the linear speed may be kept constant by programming the movement of the pressure gradient along the column, realizing the function pressure - location - time and keeping ∆ p constant at the ends of the chromatographic column during the whole process of analysis.

For the first time in the world this basic technology was worked out and proposed by me, based on the investigation of the factors of diffusion and kinetics, and includes the meaning "bar-gradient chromatography" or Chromabarography. For its realization an equipment was invented and defended by a Russia patent. As a result a maximum possible efficiency (Hayrapetyan's Effect) of column is obtained at a minimum length, which at the same time is optimal as well, as in difference to the ordinary column further increase in column length increases the analyses time.

However these are not the only advantages of Chromabarography. On the contrary, new interesting possibilities of its modifications are opened which foresee:

of combined application of the moving gradients of pressure and temperature (Chromabarothermography)

or of the moving of pressure gradient along the column simultaneously with temperature programming affected equally on all the separation column (Chromabarograph with temperature programming).

Amongst other advantages of scientific value may be mentioned:
The possibility of bar-focusing on each component to solve complex analytical problems on a singular gas chromatographic column, in difference to two or multistage columns.

The realization of the proposed technology and enrichment of any chromatographic equipment of serial production with supplementary parts is not linked with great expenses and difficulties, and service does not require special knowledge.

The percentage of the improved products will be increased.

As similar technologies and equipments do not exist in the whole world, demands for Chromabarographs will be significantly increased.

The profit and circulation from the realization of the equipment will be increased principally on account of selling the product on international market, and following the first publications concerning this theme it may be unpredictably much higher.

Having in hand data about the industrial capacities with account of economy in time and expenses for investigations, and the principal premises for working out of a new basic technology and the Chromabarography itself, it is not difficult to count the real income.

The chromatographic apparatus by its functional purpose may be subdivided into several groups.

Devices for standard analyses
Universal chromatographs.
Devices for special significance.

The universal chromatographs are the most widely used types of the chromatographic equipment. According to information sources, their production makes up more that 90% of the whole quantity of chromatographic equipments.
However, taking into account that the modern chromatographs of the leading firms include a large number of modifications, from which it is practically possible to make up an equipment of any special purpose, the proposed new basic technology of chromatography - Chromabarography will be low but not less than 50% of the quantity in demand.
The economic effect of the chromatograph is determined mainly from the viewpoint of analytical control. By expert's evaluation the annual effect of 1 equipment varies from thousands to hundred thousands rubles (dollars), giving a compensation period from several days to several months for an average price of an equipment.
The commonly useful advantages of Chromabarography are obvious first of all for scientific investigations in studying the state of various solid supports and stationary phases for the separation of multicomponent mixtures with a wide range of boiling points.
The analysis and estimation of conjuncture information and patent situation provide a basis to confirm that Chromabarography is a XXI century technology of scientific and commercial value.
Proposing the modern technology by switching on the electronic market Internet, I am ready to discuss any question in the frame of the information postulated on the site

The last know - how's and engineering in the creation of new modifications of Chromabarography with effective synergism. Subsequent consultations. Services rendered immediately by means of "Hot-Line".

Conceptions of further improvement.

Performance of temporary or permanent, including the Joint Venture form, managering, industrial, patent licensing (all kinds of works, as well as evaluation and defense of the right of industrial intellectual ownership), research and innovation works.

If you are interested and have ideas and projects, or simply wish to express your opinion, please write to Aram Hayrapetyan
Perhaps with mutual efforts we shall work out solutions enabling the quickest use of the method and the production of the Chromabarograph and its modifications in analytical instrument-making.
Would you agree to such a plan?

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