Sending Text Messages to Cellular Phones

By: David H. Urmann

Having a mobile phone is the latest trend nowadays. Proper "texting" and learning the so-called "text speak" is the best way in order to communicate and go with the flow of technology. Body: Text messaging is also called "texting". It is the process of sending text messages from mobile phones to other mobile devices. Text messages are usually typed in "short" sentences. The maximum number of characters including spaces per text message is 160. Any succeeding character can be sent but it will still incur charges again. This type of service is called "SMS" or Short messaging Service. Individual messages are termed as "text" or "text speak". The most common type of service is the person-to-person messaging. This is even though it can also be used in interacting with automated schemes like ordering products, mobile services or participating in games and contests.

The messages are sent to a SMSC or Short Message Service Center that provides a mechanism called the "store-and-forward" function. This mechanism attempts to send text messages to the corresponding recipients. If the attempt is unsuccessful, the SMSC stores the message so that it can still attempt to send it later. A few SMSC's provide another mechanism called "forward-and-forget" that attempts the top sending of the message once. Delays or loss of a certain message is common when it sends messages between different networks. The users can then request for delivery reports so that they will know whether the text message was sent or not.

The transmission of short messages between the SMSC and the cellular phone are done through unlike procedures like the TCP or IP inside the basic GSM MAP framework or the SS7. The limitations of messages resulted in the maximum text size of either 160 characters (7 bits), 140 characters (8 bits) or 70 characters (16 bits). Characters in Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Slavic or Japanese are to be encoded using the UCS-2 character encoding (16 bits).

Long SMS are sent via segmented multiple messages. Each part of this long message will start with a UDH or User Data Header which contains the segmentation information.

Several service providers provide the ability to send text messages to land line phones regardless of the capability to receive messages. This is done by automatically calling the recipient and using a "speech synthesizer" in reading the text messages aloud.

The small keypad in cellular phones created a form of "spelling adaptation" like the phrase "txtmsg". Moreover, some websites support the community of cellular phone users in order to help in standardizing the "text speak". The users can submit their translations to these special websites.

Listed below are some frequently used acronyms in text messages.

•2 means To/too
•4 means For
•4evr means Forever
•C means see
•Cus means Because
•Cuz means because/cousin
•ne1 means Anyone
•ez means Easy
•b4 means Before
•2nite means Tonight
•Brb means be right back
•gtg or g2g means got to go
•ttyl means talk to you later
•cyl means see you later
•btw means by the way
•bbl means be back later
•idk means I don't know
•idc means I don't care
•lol means (laugh/laughing) out loud
•rofl means rolls on floor (laugh/laughing)
•stfu means shut the fuck up
•omg means oh my (god/gosh)
•omfg means oh my fucking god
•lmao means (laugh/laughing) my ass off
•lmfao means (laugh/laughing) my fucking ass off
•lylas means love you like a sister
•lylab means love you like a brother
•k or kk means okay
•jk means just kidding
•jp means just playing
•jw means just wondering
•wth means what the hell
•wtf means what the fuck
•143 means I love you
•Luv means love
•Ily means I love you
•w/e means whatever
•ttly means totally
•ttyl means talk to you later
•ttfn means ta ta for now
•w8 means wait
•h8 means hate
•l8 means late
•l8r means later
•ty means thank you
•thnks, thx or thnx means thanks
•r means are
•u means you
•ppl means people
•4nd means friend
•Qt means cutie
•Zzz means sleeping, Tired, bored

Text Messaging Symbols:

•= means amazed
•O=-) means angel smiley
•=-ll means angry
•=-X means big kiss
•*=-) means clown
•%-) means confused
•d8=) means cool guy
•='-( means crying
•=e means disappointed
•=-| means disgusted
•o-&-< means doing nothing
•=-)..... means drooling face
•=*) means drunk smiling face
•&=-) means from a person that has curly hair
•#=-) means from a person that has matted hair
•|-) means getting tired or asleep
•=-, means hmmmm... or smirking
•O-S-< means in a hurry
•=-* means kiss
•=-D means laughing
•-->-- means red rose or aaaahhh...
•=-( means sad
•=-@ means screaming
•8-) means sunglasses face
•=-O means surprised or shocked
•=-P means tongue in his or her cheek
•=-& means tongue tied
•=-)) means very happy
•;-) means winking

In order to write a message from a wireless cellular phone, select the messaging feature on your cellular phone. Customers that are under Verizon Wireless must go to the messages section or icon and select the New TXT Message icon or key. From there, just type in a text message using the cellular phone's alpha-numeric keypad. Thus, most wireless mobile phones allow the user to key in messages using one of the three text modes. These text modes are listed below:

•T9Word or T9 Mode: This is used in order to key in a text message using 1 stroke of the key per letter. The mobile phone translates the keystrokes into the common words.

•Abc or Multi-tap Mode: Any user can use this kind of mode in order to type words by using the letters on the mobile phone's keypad. The users must press each key ranging from 1 up to 3 times in order to key in the right letter they need.

•123 or Numbers Mode: The user can use this kind of mode in order to type numbers. This mode is used by pressing the numeric keypad one at a time.

Hence, with the so-called advent of these mobile phones, sending text messages are now the best and proven way to communicate with your loved ones and friends, even the ones overseas. It is not only cheap and economical; it can also be used as an outlet of one's thoughts and feelings for another person. It can also give us a sense of security. This is in knowing that our loved ones is only just a text message or a phone call away. Furthermore, we can now deliver important messages very easily. This is one way to convey vitalities in a person's life.

Thus, with this expression of thoughts and feelings, there are also those who abuse it. There are etiquettes one should follow when it comes to sending text messages. These are only some:

1.When you receive a message that tends to say something bad about another person or is more of a terrible rumor such as someone in particular that died or there will be chaos somewhere, it is best to keep this to yourself. It is better to stop forwarding these messages to your loved ones and friends. Just ignore it. Until there is enough proof that this is true, shun the bad thoughts away.

2.Avoid participating in gambling. There are TV shows, radio stations and even others in your same network that advertises games where in you can possible win prizes or rewards. Since this is very rampant in this generation, where in, instant money is the only solution of some people to their financial difficulties, involvement in this would still be a lot like gambling your way to financial freedom. Besides the fact that the chance to win is only 1:10, you will lose more money just by taking those chances.

3.Beware of "text mates". In the younger generation, having friends and fitting in is the most sacred means of surviving adolescence. There will be people who will send text messages asking if you can be their friend or so-called "text mate". There are already numerous incidents of rape and molestation that root to this. It usually happens when the two parties agree to meet at a specific place. It will still be wise to bring friends and do the meetings on public places, where in, a lot of people are present. Never meet at a place you are not familiar with or is secluded. Never meet someone alone. Never schedule a meeting at night or in the wee hours of the morning. Worse, never agree to ride in that person's car alone. You only have one life and one wrong turn may lead to your misery or death.

4.When you receive messages from people you don't know or the message seems bizarre to you, these are messages that may have been mistakenly sent to your number. You can either ignore it or give it back to the sender of the message. For the latter, it is best to do this only if you think that the message is very important. This way, the sender will know that he or she was not able to send the message to the person concerned. Thus, you also need to observe courtesy. Never reply to these messages by sending offensive words or phrases. Give the person the benefit of the doubt that it has been sent to you by mistake.

5.Never send messages that are vulgar and offensive in nature. This is a lot like not sending messages which you don't want to receive as well.

6.Avoid sending messages in the wee hours of the morning. Respect the fact that the person concerned may be sleeping already. Save this for times where in it is really important.

7.For cases where in you need to tell a concerned individual about a death of a friend or a loved one, it is best to call the person. Never inform the person by just sending text messages. This is better because you can inform the person in a way that will not come as a major blow and you can give the important details on what happened.

8.Never send text messages when you are inside a church, class room, movie house, or on a meeting. If it is necessary for you to do this, you can discreetly step outside and read or send a text message quickly. Then, get back to your class room, meeting or whatever.

9.Never send or read text messages when you are driving or crossing the street.

10.Be discreet in sending or reading text messages when you are on a public place or street. You will never know whose eyes are upon you.

Sending text messages and having a mobile is really essential these days. It makes you feel secure, updated and it is a beneficial tool you need to live with. With this, you need to understand the proper usage of having this convenience.

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