A Guide to Change Fonts on Nokia 5700

By: Sparks

A guide to change fonts on Nokia 5700

Hello dear all,

Wow ! I just got a new Nokia 5700 for my granny!

I Jumped in joy when i read that S 60 3rd edtion FP1/2 Now supports Font size option. And off i went to the shop and returned with a heavier pocket (And a lighter wallet).

So finally, 5700 is here. But to my disdain, The Font size option has got negligible effects. Even the largest setting is nothing to talk about. Apparently it did'nt satisfy my Granny at all !

So i took up the challenge to crack them for her!!
All said and done, here is the procedure-

Warning !-
Read the whole procedure closely before proceeding.
This crack is meant for Nokia 5700 ONLY ! Do not try this trick on similar (But not so Similar) Phones like N77/93/91 etc ( I'll have a seperate guide for them)
Don't come to me if you got your phone srewed up !

Method- (Using a Card reader)

1. Symbian 9.1 with Fp 1 supports TTF and Openface TTF fonts too ! (Like N 73/80/95)
2. Make folder on mem card as follows: [mem-card]:Resource/Fonts
3. Pick TTF font and rename apropriate files as described below-


All the fonts must be same TTF Files. Just make 3 copies and Rename as above.

4. Copy these to newly created folder (Mem card/ Resource/Fonts)

Reboot the phone and ENJOY !!

Screenshots !-



Rollback procedure-
1 Turn off the phone
2 Remove memcard, Turn on the phone (Mem card is still removed)
3 Using a card reader, Delete the fonts folder in /Resource/
4 Insert the mem card back.

I am sure you'll enjoy the New fonts a lot !
Go ahed ! Customize your fonts !

Here are a few ones I recommend!-





Questions,Comments, Feed back and suggestions on this guide; And Nokia 5700 In general are welcome on My Mail.

- Mr Sparks

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