Hurricane Trivia: The Answers are Blowing in the Wind

By: Jennifer Jordan

Living in Florida, or anywhere else on the Gulf coast and East coast, forces residents and tourists to deal with hurricanes. Perpetuated by Mother Nature, forever an unforgiving and wild woman, hurricanes are devastating to structures, economies, and, most unfortunately, lives. But, like any weather phenomena, hurricanes are interesting, and knowledge of them arms us when the keys to self protection. So how much do you know about hurricanes? Take our quiz to find out.

1. A tropical storm becomes a hurricane when it involves winds that go how many miles per hour?

a. 74

b. 80

c. 90

d. 25 on residential streets; 55 on highways

2. The Atlantic hurricane season goes from when to when?

a. April 1 to August 30th

b. June 1 to November 30th

c. May 1 to October 30th

d. There are no hurricanes in the Atlantic

3. Hurricanes are named alphabetically, with female and male names alternating. When did this way of naming first start?

a. 1979

b. 1890

c. 1938

d. Hurricanes don't have names; that's just silly

4. What is the name Hurricane derived from?

a. sugar cane

b. a Cabal god of evil

c. a philosopher in Ancient Rome

d. an alcoholic drink

5. On July 17, 1943, Joseph Duckworth made history by doing what?

a. Flying his plane into the eye of a hurricane

b. Accurately predicting a hurricane's path

c. Rescuing a group of school children from a storm surge

d. Stopping a hurricane by pulling it in with a lasso

6. On what side are North American hurricanes the strongest?

a. The left side

b. The front

c. The right side

d. The democratic side

7. Specific names of hurricanes are retired when what happens?

a. They are used twice

b. The hurricane merges with other storms

c. The hurricane they are named for is particularly devastating

d. A person with the same name files a lawsuit

8. What is not likely to facilitate safety and therefore considered a hurricane myth?

a. Taping the windows shut

b. Placing sandbags around the house

c. Stocking up on extra food and water

d. Evacuating

9. What is the deadliest hurricane on record?

a. Hurricane Andrew

b. The Lake Okeechobee of 1928

c. The Galveston Hurricane of 1900

d. This is a trick question; Hurricanes are friendly

10. What is the definition of a Tropical Depression?

a. A storm that produces at least 30 gallons of rain

b. A storm with a defined circulation and winds up to 38 miles per hour

c. A storm that includes a tornado, hurricane, and tsunami within 48 hours

d. A storm that is very sad

Answers: 1. a. 74; 2. b. June 1 to November 30th; 3. a. 1979; 4. b. a Cabal god of evil; 5. a. Flying his plane into the eye of a hurricane; 6. c. The right side; 7. c. The hurricane they are named for is particularly devastating; 8. a. Taping the windows shut; 9. c. The Galveston Hurricane of 1900; 10. b. A storm with a defined circulation and winds up to 38 miles per hour.

See how you did:

9-10 correct: You know your stuff. You wind…er, win.

6-8 correct: Not bad, not bad at all. Hurr-ray.

3-5 correct: About average: coast, but no cigar.

Less than three: Yikes. Too bad the answers weren't really blowing

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