Wake up Webbie! WAP is Here!

By: Wild Bill Montgomery

WAP technology now enables the world "on-the-run"
access to such services as mobile-real-time product
purchases, stock quotes, news, calendars, banking,
voice mail, and email via mobile wireless
communication devices.

WAP (Wirelesss Application Protocol) is the new global
standard for communication between a mobile
communication devices and the Internet, as designed and
defined by the WAP forum (http://www.wapforum.org),
where by the way you will find an enormous amount of
WAP/WML specs in PDF format. Although joining the WAP
Forum is fairly expensive for individuals, small or
home based businesses such as ours, they do offer much
information free to the open public. By the way, an
"Associate Membership" is a mere $7,500 a year. (Give,
Gulp or Giggle Here).

It is expected that by the end of the year 2000,
wireless users will exceed 100 Million worldwide. The
introduction of WAP and wireless devices opens a brand
new market of "WAP Field Users" which will result in
significant new revenues for content providers and
developers alike. By getting in on the wireless
opportunities today you have the chance to become a
market leader in this emerging commerce.

Wireless access can offer you a new source for your
products and services and also enable you to create new
services and/or products designed specifically for your
mobile customers.

Can your company benefit from WAP by
offering your users new mobile services? WAP, like any
other Internet Protocol, will grow to support
technology as quickly as possible. The consumer market,
of course, will heavily influence future development.

Compared to the traditional clientele, the wireless
user and market is different. The question you should
be asking yourself right now is who uses WAP and how
are you going to serve them and profit from it?
Currently some of the biggest group of users are field
representatives accessing intranet data (as well as
placing orders) for their customers, people needing to
access email and voice mail on the run and individuals
following stock market trends. But as the Internet
shouted aloud in 1995, "This Is Only The Beginning"!

As an end-user, WAP now allows you easy and secure
access to relevant content and other services through
your mobile phones or other wireless device. But, by
increasing your existing Internet skills and knowledge
you have the opportunity to create new products,
increase your customer base, build new alliances and
venture partnerships branded just for the wireless

Even the domain names are going fast. I myself have
purchased such names as WMLDesigner.com and
WMLMasters.com, as I'm sure some of you have already
obtained a few yourselves. A friend and reader, Trevor
Mayes of has purchased
names like WapCard.uk.com and Wap-Card.uk.com. Although
many have been purchased in a relatively short time
(Wap.com only purchased on 20-Jan-2000 by a company
from Oslo), I'm sure that many are still available.

Rather than to impossibly try to provide you with all
the information you may need in this one small articlePsychology Articles,
I'll give you some links to get you started in
discovering the possibilities that await you in this
new and exciting arena of information exchange.

Wireless Technologies are here and waiting
for you to take advantage of them!

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