Dusk, Dreams and I

By: Samantha Iwowo

When dusk tonight is come
And the sun gone to its home
After the day's last meal
And the stomach has had its fill
While the stars above
Beam little shimmers of love
Out-stretched on my bed
With no worries in my head
I wish the peaceful lull of sleep
My human mind to keep.

While in this world of illusory
Where events sometimes sweetly tally
Like an orchestrated symphony
Where they other times unfold wildly
Sending horrendous shivers so chilly
And forcibly tearing the mind suddenly
Back to the world of reality
I hope to witness only
Events in line with the former
As the latter
My lively spirit will sober totally

I pray to soar so high
To a world devoid
Of even the littlest lie
I eagarly look forward
To a higher plane surrounded
By virtue's hands perfectly moulded
I desire to be raptured
In that bloomy garden
That speaks the word so golden
Of love so undiluted
And very deeply rooted

Come to me therefore
While i await you once more
Like a most willing lover
On a night of passion like no other
Come with your kisses
So soft and tender
They set my mind at rest
And hood my eyes in lust
Anticipating the sweet,lazy breeze
That heralds your presence of ease
And sweeps me from this world of ills.


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