"guide to Life"

By: Shawn Van Wyk

Life is fiddled full of do's and don'ts
and riddled with wants and wonts.
Sometimes we need a lively life-path..
An active antidote to sort the living-math.

Sometimes we have to face the facts
and struggle by taking tests alone..
Certainly great strength it'll strip from one
like the courage of the flower growing from stone.
At times before the hurt reaches you it's gone..
But then again this only counts for some.

At times we cant feel or see it coming..
Nevermind the direction we're going.
That's when you taste the pepper of life..
Quest to endure the search for the knife -
the element separating action from strife.

Always remember: The first cut is the deepest..
Know that pain's got nothing to do with weakness..
To get out of the fire you have to fully confess..
Time to find your actions - time to truly digress...

To strain your conscience will be the exact science
restoring all sense to help you across the distance.
This will not be easy for there's no cross-reference.
Strong will, love and courage be your best defence.
Henceforth lies repentance and greater self-worth.
All these things you really need and truly deserve...

Everyday we see and stare at the clouds in the sky.
We do not ponder how, we do not wonder why..
They are everywhere - always floating in the air.
So aswell we should not pose questions to life's lesions
for sometimes we face hell to learn these lessons.
So is our soul's way to grow through hard confessions..

Listen to the wind whining and willfully whispering:
Revealing to us wise words of winding wisdom.
Carrying the keys of life's doors needing unlocking..
Do not act like you know - or hastily run pass go..
Results can leave you shaking with truths so shocking.

Do not fear failing for new horizons you'll be sailing.
New visions to you revealing truths so striking...
All you need to do is start loving and stop fighting.
Do not get entangled by or give chase after money
like the bee living to die creating kingdoms of honey.
You want life's eggs served fully cooked to thee...
No one prefers their eggs half-baked and runny...

During times of mourning and in times of need
do not make choices without grace or speed.
In the end this could be your weakest deed..
Always give thanks and praise for the abundance
coveting all your days providing you with chance..
Remember: each day is a growing gift - a blessing..
So spend them not in thrift by learning each lesson.
Follow these rules & there'll be no pain or stressing..


Copyright ? 2008 Shawn Van Wyk

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