Ebook Formats

By: Shelley Lowery

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) formatted ebooks are
simply a group of web pages compressed into one .exe file for
distribution. HTML ebooks are completely interactive with the
Internet and can be as simple or dynamic as you'd like. Your
HTML files can contain live links, graphics, forms, JavaScript,
embedded video, and more. You can easily create a dynamic
presentation utilizing the latest technology.

Ebooks formatted in HTML are basically designed just like
a website. They can contain an unlimited number of pages
that are navigated via hyperlinks. Unlike ebooks formatted in
PDF, the design of an HTML ebook is only limited by your

Depending upon the type of HTML compiler you purchase,
HTML formatted ebooks can have customizable fields that
will enable your users to customize fields you specify. This
technology can enable you to provide your affiliates with
an ebook they can use as a sales tool to sell your products
and services. Your affiliates can have the ability to customize
your ebook with their affiliate ID and earn commissions simply
by giving the ebook away.

HTML files can be distributed in the following ways:

- Internet download


- Complete control over your ebook's look and feel.

- Completely interactive with the Internet.

- Software very reasonably priced starting at $30.00

- Most compilation software is easy to use.

- A wide variety of ebook compilers to choose from.


- Users must have the ability to run "Windows" programs.

- Users must have Internet Explorer 4.0+ installed on their


E-ditor (Recommended)

his is a nice ebook compiler that includes a step by step
interface that will guide you through the entire process.

other programs, this compiler comes with five "skins" to enable
your ebooks to have a unique look. It also includes a pop-up
message box that loads prior to your ebook loading when your
ebook is launched. This box can contain system requirements,
copyrights or whatever text you'd like.

Cost: $97.00

Ebook Edit Pro (Highly Recommended)

This is a great ebook compiler. Not only is it easy to use, but
it also includes a pop-up message box that loads prior to your
ebook loading. In addition, you can display your own product
icon and select the buttons you would like to be displayed
such as, navigational, print and home buttons. It also has an
added feature that enables you to include an affiliate ID within
every ebook you create and make money for referral sales. As
an added bonus for purchasing this great compiler, you will
also receive an "eBrand-It" software that will enable you to
set up special fields so that your affiliates can customize your
ebook. A free demo is available. This is a great compile.
Cost: $87.50

Activ E-book (Recommended)

This program isn't as easy as E-ditor Pro or Ebook Edit Pro,
but with the aid of the instructions you can easily create a
nice ebook. The great thing about this compiler is that it
assigns an ESBN number to each ebook you compile. In
addition, this great compiler will also enable you to create a
"Rebranding" software. This additional software can be used
to enable your users to modify parts of the ebook that you
specify without recompiling. It also has a free demo that is
fully functional for up to 10 files to be compiled (including
graphics). You can create and distribute ebooks with the free
demo, but you must register the software if you'd like to sell

Cost: $29.95

As you can see, both ebook formats have a number of
advantages and disadvantages and the decision may be a
little difficult.

The best ebook format for your project will really depend
upon your own preference. However, it is also important to
take into consideration the type of ebook you're creating
and the number of pages it will contain. For example, if
you've written a manuscript with hundreds of pages and have it
typed into your word processing program, you won't want
to waste your time creating an HTML page for each page of your
ebook. Your best option will be to purchase Adobe Acrobat
and compile your ebook into the PDF format. HTML compiled
ebooks are better for smaller projects such as "how-to",
"instructional" or "informational" ebooks.

Another consideration of great importance is your sales plan.
If you're planning on marketing your ebook yourself, then it
really doesn't matter which format you use. However, if you're
planning on selling your ebook on one of the ebook publishing
sitesFree Articles, many of them will only accept ebooks in the PDF format.

A good way to cover all of your bases is to simply publish your
ebook in both formats. Let your customers decide which format
they would prefer.


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