The MLM Success Secret of Getting Your DMO in Gear

By: Doug Firebaugh


Ever heard of that?

It stands for “Daily Method of Operation," or what you plan to do on a daily basis. It will be the key to your activity.

Simply, your DMO is your “Success PLAN." A PLAN for MLM Success that you execute daily, and that is how you operate daily in this network marketing industry.

Brick by Brick, day by day, you build your MLM business with your DMO PLAN.

PassionFire has introduced to the Network Marketing industry “PLAFSH", which a module for that is included in a recent article Your DMO will be how you put it to use and how you let it guide and structure your daily MLM activity.


Most people in MLM have too weak of a DMO and it creates nothing in results.

The amount of work that it takes to build an MLM downline is significant, and it does take time. Most new MLM distributors never understand that it is the CONSISTENCY of a DMO that is the secret, not just the activity.

You never know who the next superstar in your company will be, and it may as well be you. And it is the consistent activity that increases the odds of mlm success for you, as it “Increases Your Visibility".

Increasing Your Visibility is simply “Putting yourself out There", and giving yourself a chance to meet people or talk to people you already know about your business.

Your DMO structures your time working this business so you have a PLAN.

A PLAN for your MLM Success!

Want to know why a PLAN is so important?

It helps you to:

PPut it in writing

This means you need to put what you are planning on doing in writing, and keep it in front of you.

How many Phone Calls are you going to do everyday? Put it in writing.

How many Leads are you going to collect a day? Put it in writing.

How many Appointments are you going to have this week? Put it in writing.

You get the drift.

Writing it down FOCUSES you Laser sharp.

LLock and Load

Lock and Load means to get your ammo and gun ready for firing -- ready to pull the trigger on the Plan. Check over it and make sure that everything is on target, and will create enough activity to MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN!

Many MLM distributors never check their DMO to see if it will do what they want it to do -- usually it will not as there is not enough activity for that to happen.


Your DMO needs to STRETCH you a little, so you can “grow into it.: If you feel you can make 5 phone calls a day as a start, put 7 down to stretch you a little, and then do them. You will be surprised how good it feels when you complete them.

And ask yourself this: “Will my DMO really be ENOUGH to make something happen in my business?"

That is a key word ENOUGH.

Too many people fool themselves into believing that they are “working" when all they are “busy" -- busy at the wrong things.


You are NOT in charge of results, only activity. But the quality of your execution and numbers of times you execute the DMO tasks will influence your results.

A….Activate the Tasks.

Simply, you must activate and execute your plan with the tasks needed, as that is where the power in it lies. No action, no acceleration of mlm momentum.

You must engage your DMO with ENERGY!

It is the Force behind a Hurricane that creates the Power in it. It is the Force behind your action that will create the MLM Success power in it as well.

And make sure you are taking the action and doing the tasks that are needed. What will yield you results and sales as well as eventual signups and if you are operating PLAFSH, then you will be doing the right activity.


Simply, What does your plan need that is not there?

What is missing in it that needs to be there?

Are you working enough numbers?

Are you saying the right things?

Are you getting enough appointments?

Are you getting leads and from where? Warm market? Cold market?

What does your plan lack in follow up structure? Again, PLAFSH sets up a system for you to follow up like clockwork.

Are you working enough hours and are they the hours you can get a hold of people?

If you are calling people at home when they are at work -- HELLO! Not much chance of catching them at home huh?

Your DMO will create a DAILY PATH for you to walk.


Your DMO is the beginning of LEADERSHIP in your business. If you can take the Personal Leadership in your life and create a DMO, and then engage it effectively -- then you have a good chance of succeeding HUGE in your Network Marketing enterprise.

By the way...

DMO also stands for Disciplined Motion OnFire!

If you create a DMO and then are disciplined about working itFind Article, you will set your business OnFire eventually -- GUARANTEED in MLM and Network Marketing!


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