10 Tips For Parents On How To Handle Video Gaming

By: Timothy Rudon

Gaming has taken root and there are no signs of the popularity abating. Children as well as adults are all hooked to computer and video gaming in a big way. And, the internet has added a dash of excitement into gaming as players can now not just play online but compete online.

The gaming world realizes that if they are to sustain a multi-billion dollar business they must care not just for the gamers but their parents too. The Entertainment Software Rating Board or ESRB has issued video gaming tips as a guide for parents. The ESRB is the one that tests video games and rates them so that parents can select suitable games for children of different age groups.

1. Parents must check the ratings and examine the rating symbol on the front of the package as well as read the content descriptor at the back when buying a game. The ESRB site has in depth information about games rated by them.

2. Never depend on advertisements, always talk to parents and older children to get an holistic view of the game you intend to buy.

3. Be a friend to your child and play the games with him or her. There is nothing like a hands on experience.

4. Beware of online gaming as very often the game has unrated components. Online gaming also has features like chats and exchange of ideas and information. Parents must teach their kids especially very young ones about the dangers lurking on the internet.

5. Learn all about downloadable mods that alter the content of games. Mods can change the appropriateness of the game for young players so parents must be vigilant.

6. Always invest in video game consoles and handhelds that have parental controls. This will enable you to limit the gaming content your children can access. Using parental controls will ensure that the children only play games that are appropriate to them.

7. Know your child’s nature and buy games that will nurture the child’s holistic growth. Games are known to have many benefits, us them to your advantage.

8. Know the games your kids play by reading their reviews online and joining gaming blogs and forum. Read game reviews and watch game trailers and demos.

9. Make time to interact with your children. Play games with them and teach them that gaming is not harmful if played right. Win their confidence so that they are open with you and share their fears and joys.

10. Take the kids to game expos and exhibitions. Learn all about the gaming world. Keep one step ahead at all times and your kids will be able to play games without any problems.

The World Wide Web is a great information highway that has information about all games new and old. Make use of the knowledge to monitor your children’s gaming world.

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