Entrepreneurs: Take action over inspiration every time

By: Jason Blackston

"Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration
of victory!" General George S. Patton

When choosing a senior quote, this one jumped right at me. I
was ready to conquer the world, but then reality slapped me
in the face...

College. 4 more years of reading, writing, and arithmetic.
Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and
encourage anyone who has the opportunity to give it a go.

Plus, I learned one of the most valuable lessons in my life
while attending college:

*We're not taught to make it on our own!

It's kind of like what the singer Bruce Springsteen once
said in a 60 minutes interview, "I wanted to be a singer.
Do my own thing. Otherwise, they build you up and put you
right back into the machine."

Yes, society certainly has a way of teaching you what it
wants to, and then directing your every move like a puppet
on a string.

So how does one make it as an entrepreneur?

Let's face it, inspirational quotes only go so far.

imperative that you take action! But what action? You've
been following someone else's directions for so long that
you've forgotten how to put your pants on by yourself!

First, make a plan. For example, most of my day consists of
internet marketing so here's some of what I do for the first

*Write an article - Part of my daily plan is writing
articles that are related to marketing on
the internet.

*Submit an article - A great way to get your name and your
website out to other people is by submitting articles to
ezines. I do this a few times a week.

Ezine owners are always looking for fresh content. You can
find these ezine owners at sites like
http://www.ezinelocater.com and http://www.freezineweb.com

Plus, there are websites where you can submit your article
right there on the spot. Places like
http://www.marketing-seek.com and
http://www.vectorcentral.com are great resources.

*Follow up with customers - Just a quick hello and offering
assistance goes an awfully long way!

These are just a few action steps that I take on a daily
basis and they are the difference between success and
failure in my life.

In conclusion, I would love to give you some uplifting
inspirational quote but I'm not going to do it. I am just
going to reiterate these words - Make a Plan!

We all lead different lives so I can't give you a step-by-
step guide. Your goals, dreams, and financial desires are
unique. Just think about what you do, what you can do,
and how you're going to do it.

Write it down and go for it!


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