Building Confeidence to Choose Wisely

By: Darren Roberts

Confidence is not something that can really be taught. It
can be learned, but for me to say that I wish to show you
how to become confident in 5 easy steps isn't appropriate.
Confidence is a trait we all have to varying levels. Those
that are very self-assured generally believe in who they
are, what they are doing and pursue their convictions with
vigor based on this belief. Confidence isn't hard to
learn. It comes to you with knowledge, experience and

Through our lifetime, we will tackle new challenges; some
will be known quantities while others will be unknown. It
is how we tackle our problems and what we learn from them
that is important. You can't always confront things that
you have no experience in, but if you regularly doubt your
confidence, you may become insular and seldom stray from
the familiar.

It is through our knowledge of the familiar, where we can
draw on our strengths to move on to new and more
challenging tasks. It is our knowledge of our abilities,
which gives us the strength we need, to ask more from
ourselves to move up to the next level. Your confidence is
paramount in your success!

Tell me, have you ever heard of any success stories where
the Gold Medallist, CEO, President or Prime Minister
lacked confidence? Had they done so, then it's unlikely
they would have got themselves into their respective
position. Your belief in your abilities is your
confidence. It is everything. It is a lack of confidence
that precludes us from doing many things simply because
our faith in ourselves is lacking.

Okay, let's assume your self-confidence is down. Negative
results and negative feedback are two major contributors
to shaking our own personal belief.

There are reasons for
negative results, which should be examined in detail.
Generally speaking, it is because someone, maybe yourself,
had higher expectations than you could deliver. Of course,
there are a myriad of possibilities but let's work on this
one. When this happens you have two possibilities:

Ø Crawl into your shell full of guilt and shame
Ø Learn from it and bounce back with a vengeance

The first option isn't really an option, as it will zap
your confidence. In fact, it will strip you of self-belief
and make it difficult for you to tackle it again. Option 2
is all about learning from your mistakes and jumping right
back on the horse. It is your persistence, willingness to
learn and your belief in yourself and your abilities,
which keeps you marching forward. This will give your
self-confidence a major boost.

Remember, failing once at something is simply a learning
exercise, which tells you that the way you have just tried
isn't working It's not asking you to give up, it's simply
closing one door. All you need to do is find another door
and open it. It is this attitude that will build your
self-confidence, as you will be learning along the way and
amending your application and plan.

It is this reviewing as you go followed by adjust, amend
and focus that allows you to choose wisely. Nevertheless,
you must choose. You can't expect other people to make
your choices for you. Sure, others will assist you but the
final choice will always be up to you. You will
occasionally choose poorly along the way. In fact, you
will almost with certainty choose poorly quite regularly
at the beginning.

This is normal and to be expected. How else do you get the
experience that we all so desperately long to have? It is
our decisions, which give us experience to make further
and more highly informed decisions along the way.

Can you see how your confidence can build here? As your
confidence grows in your abilities, you will become more
able. They are directly linked.

You will need to take risks along the way. Dependant upon
your personality will be the level of risk you take. If
you have a Managed Investment Portfolio then look at the
level of risk you have invested, this will give you a good
indication of how much risk you will take. It will show
you how far out on a limb you may go out of your comfort
zone, in order to get what it is you really want. If you
don't have such a policy, then draw a parallel. You could
write down what your definition of "risk" really is and
use it as a guide.

Your self-confidence grows as you grow. This gives you a
broader understanding of your options, which allows you to
make knowledgeable decisions, utilizing your power of
choice. Choice needs to be learned. At the beginningArticle Search,
there is only one option. If we decide on that route then
we haven't taken full advantage of our birthright. Every
other species on this earth has not got the level of
choice that is available to us. Don't let anyone push your
buttons. Choose to push them yourself as you pursue your
goals choosing to become successful.


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