Every Problem Is An Opportunity To Cash In On

By: John Colanzi

There's a motivational speaker by the name of Charles
"Tremendous" Jones. One of his quotes is "Every problem is
an opportunity to cash in on."

Well the last few weeks his theories have been put to the

I've been doing the rounds with various Medical tests and
specialists. I ordered a PC which ended up having a bad
hard drive. I had to jump back and forth between PC's just
to get anything done.


I was starting to wonder if old "Tremendous was right, or
was it just wishful thinking?

Those demons of negative thinking were kicking in. How was I
going to handle it?

My first reaction was to start "sucking my thumb," and have
a "pity party." It sure would be a lot easier to "throw in
the towel," and blame fate.

That lasted a day or two and then I started thinking about
taking advantage of the extra time I had available.

I started studying.

Maybe all these problems were what I
needed? Sometimes we get so tied up working our businesses,
we don't have time to learn and grow.

Charlie was right, this was the best thing that could have
happened. I was forced to step back, re- evaluate and move
to the next level.

So what have I learned during my little break?

1. I found a nice software program to make it easier to
write my articles. I can write my articles and format them
at the same time.

2. I had a chance to recognize the new direction of online
marketing. Marketers have taken a major leap in combining
residual income with viral marketing.

They've taken the best aspects of network marketing and
eliminated the need for building a downline. Residuals are
built in, but you still have direct profits on every sale.

3. I've had time to evaluate my marketing and eliminate
what doesn't work. I can now zero in on what works and quit
wasting time on what doesn't.

I could go on for days listing what I've learned in the
last few weeks and it wouldn't have been possible, if I
wasn't forced to step back and look at my efforts with a
new set of eyes.

Savvy internet marketers are taking their efforts to the
next level and it would have taken me months to catch on to
this new trend, if I were busy working my business.

So it's true "Every problem is an opportunity to cash in on."

Thank God for my problems. Without themFree Articles, I wouldn't have
noticed the new wave in marketing. The two weeks of studying
have proven to be my best investment yet.

I'm looking at my business through new eyes and I'm "Ready
to catch the wave."

Wishing You Success


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