he Inside Story

By: Robert Imbriale

Why is it that you don't yet have all that you want in your life? Why is it that you never
seem to be moving forward, making progress, or reaching your goals?

Could it be that there is some force out there holding you back? Could it be your
competitors, your family, your friends, or could it be something closer to home?

Could it be... an "inside job?"

Well, my dear friend let me share with you what I learned recently while attending a
seminar given by Carole Dore. You may not know her name, but when I share with you
what she taught, I'm sure you'll identify with her message!

Let me start by saying that you get what you focus on. So if you focus your thoughts on
what you don't want in your life, you get more of what it is that you don't want. Most
often, people know what they don't want and will typically be really quick to tell you so!

So let me ask you, what do you really want from your life. I mean, how often do you stop
to think about your life in terms of how you would most like it to be, rather than how
much you may not like the way it is now?

Now, if you focus on what it is that you do want, you will get it... and often much more
of it than you asked for!

You are your thoughts. In fact, our lives are merely the printout of our innermost
thoughts. And you thought that you could think whatever you wanted and that nobody
could ever tell, right? You are your thoughts. You get what you think about most often.

If that is true, then look at your life, your business, and even your relationships right now.
Do you like what you see? Are you happy with what you have? Or do you really want

What have you been thinking about? Do you focus on how little money you make in your
business, so you actually begin to make LESS money? Do you spend your day
complaining about your significant other so instead of making things better, they actually
get worse as time goes on?

Are you constantly bothered by what your neighbor is doing instead of being focused on
what you are doing?

Or, are you the type of person who can really overlook all the negative stuff that
surrounds you and truly focus instead on what it is you really want in your life? If you are
this type of person, I'll bet that your life is a happy one.

Do you think about your business in terms of what it is like to actually be the owner of
the most successful business on the block? Do you see yourself living the good life,
owning real estate, or even traveling the world?

Many people actually do focus on what it is that they really want in their lives, and still
they don't get what they want! Now, wait a minute, didn't I just say that you get what
you focus on? You bet I did!

What happens is that you may focus on what you want until you encounter the first
obstacle to get in your way.

At that very moment, your vision is crushed, and the dream

You see, life is testing you and I all the time. And when you don't give up on your
dreams, even when it seems all hope is lost, what most often happens is that your dreams
are realized - quicker and more powerfully than ever!

How often have you kept at it, even in the face of adversity, only to realize your dream
shortly thereafter?

I can tell you from my own experience that this has happened in my own life on many
occasions. Building a successful business is a process that takes time, energy, effort, and
most of all it means that you never lose sight of your dreams.

I know many people who lost sight of their dream of business ownership and who are
today working at jobs they hate for bosses they don't respect. Their lives reflect their pain
in poor bank accounts and poor relationships. The good news is that this does not have to
be the way they go through life!

Listen, if this is indeed your life, and you are indeed going to make a success of it, why
would you ever let anything come between you and your dreams? Start out by making a
decision right now that you will do what it takes to get what you really want in your life.

Create a powerful, highly detailed vision of what your life looks and feels like when you
have what it is that you really want.

Spend a lot of time on your vision. Make it as vivid as you can. Feel how it feels inside,
see it, smell it, taste it, and touch it. Make it so real that your mind cannot tell that it is not
already real in your life.

Then, stick to it. Keep focused on your vision no matter what happens in your life and
you will realize your dream – life is simply set up that way.

In 1989 I began selling for the very first time online. Today, I am one of America's top
Internet marketers because I stuck to my vision of becoming this very person. It didn't
happen over night. It took years and tens of thousands of hours surfing the Internet. And
there were many times where I could have just quit, but I never did. I kept my dream
alive in my heart.

And because I didn't quit, I get the honor and privilege to sit here and write to you today.
To teach you what I know. And I get to live the life of my dreams, living in the most
temperate climate in the entire country.

These things are real today in my life because I made a decision, created a vision, and I
stuck to it no matter how hard things became.

Today I get to teach thousands of people how to make money on the Internet. And, I get
to meet new people all the time, I get to travel, and I get to do what I want when I want.

AndPsychology Articles, you can too! You have the potential within you to make your life everything you've
always wished it would become... and you can start right now!

This article is over. It's time for you to take action and make your life a life that is
enjoyable in every way. You are the only one that can make it happen. . . so go to it!


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