The Freedom of Wealth--or What Wealth Means to Me

By: Mary Wilkey

No, money cannot buy happiness—that's true. But what is
also true is that it sure does make life a whole lot easier to
deal with.

The freedom of wealth means being:

*Free of any need for pretense (if we are who we claim to be,
we need not pretend). I am who I am.

*Free of the burden to carry cash, checks, or credit cards (our
person is recognized and respected as having means—we are
free from the burden of having to prove it.) I have what I have.

*Free to go anywhere or do anything lawful. I stand where I stand.

*Free from worry about provision. I have what I claim and claim
what I have.

*Free from the limitations of this world. I go where I go. I know
what I know. I rest where I rest.

Everything is mine, because I remember all His benefits.

I am
who I am in Him.

To enjoy wealth, one has to be aware of it. (If we have millions in
our account, but if we don't realize it because we are insane, we
cannot enjoy it.)

It occurs to me that each of us fortunate enough to be in our right
mind is independently wealthy. We have only to realize that wealth.
Here I refer to that which transcends monetary wealth.

It is all in our mind. We have but to "go within" to discover it.
We've all heard it said that, if any self-made millionaire were to
lose everything, he'd gain it all back very shortly, because he knows
the secret.

This is true. The power to get wealth comes from within!

Here I'm going to share with you several books which have made
a lasting impression on me, all of which I've read several times,
and all of which I probably will read again and again. They each
contain a wealth of information on the "secret" to tapping into this
inner power:

The Secret of the Ages—by Robert Collier
Think and Grow Rich—by Napoleon Hill
Power Through Constructive Thinking—by Emmet Fox
The Magic of Believing—by Claude Bristol

Of course, many more treasures could be added to this list, because
the "secret" is not really a secret at all. It is freely available to
any sincere seeker.

So, next time you're feeling "poFree Web Content," remember that you're really
wealthy beyond your wildest imagination—and erase that "po"
mindset once and for all!

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