Turning NMA to PMA

By: Lisa Van Den Berg

I recently re-read the amazing book by Napoleon Hill
and W. Clement Stone entitled 'Success through a Positive
Mental Attitude'. WOW, what an eye-opener.

Napoleon Hill's books are legendary in their message and
this one is no exception and W. Clement Stone was one of
the most successful salesmen in the entire Insurance industry.
Together they weave a rich tapestry of ideas, formulas and
principles by which to achieve exactly what it is you want
out of Life.

The main thread running through the book is one of changing
your mind from a predominantly negative attitude to a
positive one. They say that we all have an invisible talisman
that hangs around our necks, with a side for PMA and a side
for NMA (positive and negative mental attitude). It is our
choice, throughout our lives, to use either side of the

I sat and really thought about this. In my ruminations,
I discovered that this is a principle which we basically
all know about, but we don't have an idea how far
reaching this premise really is.

When you start to really 'listen' to what you are saying
to yourself all through a given day, you realize how
innately negative your thinking is, even when you are a
naturally positive person.

Little things that that 'voice
inside your head' says, that undermine you. Things like
'That'll never really work, so don't even try' or 'here
he comes, he's going to say something nasty again and I'll
have to say something nasty back,'cos I've got to defend
myself' or' I'm tired, I think I'll take a nap and finish
this work tomorrow'.

In the book they identify NMA as feelings of frustration,
depression, defensiveness, self-pity, anger etc. I have
come across so many people who consciously try to steer
their thoughts in a positive direction, but don't seem to
'see' the underlying little voice as a strong product of

I used to get frustrated and seem to be hitting my head
against a brick wall, no matter how hard I tried. I got
depressed when things went wrong and nothing seemed to be
going where I thought it should. Now, I can 'see' that this
is the NMA side of my talisman sneaking in while I'm not
concentrating on the PMA side.

There is a strong quote in the book that says, "Direct
your thoughts, Control your emotions and Ordain your

I used to be resistant to 'giving up control' of my life.
Turning it over to God and the Universe. I now know that
taking controlFeature Articles, by giving it over to God and the Universe
is the ultimate form of control you can have over your
passage through Life.

I urge you to

Direct your thoughts
Control your emotions and
Ordain your destiny.



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