Earphone2Earphone: Dream Come True

By: Susan James

Manifesting.....what is it? It's making our dreams, the very
ones we really want, come true, by design and on purpose.

How Do We Do That?

Often we will read that in order to bring our dreams to us, we
first must act and live as if we already had it. Well sir, I've
bumped my noggin' on that one more than once.

We ask:*Well how can I *act* wealthy if I'm not yet wealthy?
How can I act happy or successful if I'm not yet that thing
that I choose to be? How can I act as tho I have a great
relationship if I yet don't have one?*

Here is a recent example of how it worked for me:

One of my intentions is for my livelihood of writing to carry
over into radio. I've been doing some great radio interviews
throughout the country on the telephone. But I'm really
wanting my own show.

The way *this earphone thing* happened was on purpose, in
the fact, that I had been clear in my intentions, but the way it
showed up, was that it just showed up and one day I simply
*noticed* what had happened.

Lots of folks who read my stuff know I have a *thing* about

It's one of the ways I build my *Energy Stream* to
bring me *my stuff* in fun and easy ways.

So for weeks and weeks, as I do my thing on the computer, I
sat here with earphones on listening to CD's. Most of them
Madonna's stuff.

So I'm just happily pecking away, sitting here with my
earphones on. I love the flow of music through my mind with

THEN......it happened.

One day I get a phone call from a radio station in my most
favorite city. It's only an hour away. They want me to come
and do an *in-studio* interview for a whole HOUR ! Like in
the STUDIO ! AND for a whole HOUR !

This was like Chocolate Magic at Christmas !
So I go over there on the appointed day, and by the way they
have already scheduled me for a 2nd in-studio interview. I am
there......in the booth with the host of the show, and the

And Guess who has earphones on ? Me!

As I was sitting there doing my thing, this little thought came
into my mind, that looky see here the correlation between my
intention set, my active participation in pretending I was
already living what I wanted, and here I was.......earphones
and all ......inside a real radio station booth !

This was in incredible Manifesting Moment for meComputer Technology Articles, and is also
how I create every other part of my life.

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